5 Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents And Mice At Home 

Do you also suffer from mice and other rodents’ annoying activities that damage your property? To make things worse, rodents not only damage property, but they are also dangerous for health. They spread diseases and cause more damage than you can imagine. 

Rodent Control Sydney experts warn against the infestation by these destructive rodents, and they even advise restricting their entry, as once they enter, their exit becomes difficult with time. Rodents and mice come in search of food and shelter, and as long as they get both, they do not leave. They create a ruckus and increase the damage costs as long as they stay. 

It gets too late when you think of calling Mice Control Sydney expert services. So no need to wait to call professionals; call them the moment you spot a mouse. You can easily know they are there by spotting and relying on the signs. 

Let us see the signs of mice and how you can control their infestation. 

Signs Of Rodent Infestation 

You can sense the presence of destructive rodents with the damage signs they put all over the property. You can very well know that they are around your premises with the destruction they cause by littering and chewing on anything that comes their way. Also, as they are nocturnal, they come out at night and stay away from human glare all day. So one has to rely on their signs to detect their infestation. 

Some of the visible signs that all rodent control Sydney experts warn to pay attention to are: 

  • Chewed Wires 

That’s the most significant warning sign if you find your old wires and the wiring system chewed up by rats and mice. They, often in search of making their way for food, chew up the wires to help them. Mice have ever-growing teeth that make them nibble anything that comes their way to restrict their growth. 

  • Litter Around The Premises 

The litter can tell mice’s presence. They spread garbage around the premises while searching for food. They are near all the possible food sources, and they spread leftover trash all over the place to get their way with food and edible food. 

  • Droppings 

Mice droppings are yet another sign that tells you that you have rats all around the place. The black droppings of the mouse are visible and stink too. You can find them in the dark corners of homes and near their burrows. 

  • Noise Of Scratching And Movement 

Mice also make noises while moving from one place to another. Their nibbling and scratching noises make it impossible to ignore. They are very much all around the property at night. 

  • Damaged Property 

Damaged property, like holes in the corner, chewed belongings, and damaged gardens, are all signals towards rodents and their ways. 

You should seek professional assistance to get rodents out. Let’s see some of the ways you can manage to do it. 

How To Get Rid Of Rodents And Mice 

Getting rid of mice is a professional’s work as they are well-equipped and trained. As a non-specialist, dealing with mice and their infestation is difficult. But still, as per the advice by the Mice Control Sydney experts, you can adopt various measures to help your property stay mice-free. 

Let’s see the top 5 methods to do so. 

  • Block Entry And Restrict Movement 

Blocking and sealing the entry points of swift rats and mice helps free the premises from damaging activities. When a rat or mouse enters the premises, they start digging and searching for a place to live and get food. They constantly move to get anything to chew, nibble and eat to make their stay longer and more destructive daily. So restricting their entry and movement by filling the seals and cracks and using duct tape to cover holes work best. 

  • Use Traps And Baits 

Using bait to attract mice and catch them in a trap is an age-old technique that works even today. Some traps kill the rats and mice instantly and solve the problem of their  running around. Some traps capture them, and then you need to free them in a place that is safe from their destruction. You can use baits with some solution that can make them dizzy and unconscious. That way, they are less dangerous to deal with and take from one place to another. 

  • Use Rodent Repellents 

Many rodent repellents are available from professionals and in the shops to help your premise stay rodent-free. When sprayed to all the points where you have an idea the mice move through, the repellents are a good idea. As soon as they smell the solution, they detect human presence, get repelled by the scent of the solution and leave the place. Remember to use only nontoxic solutions, as you live in your house and would not want the repellent to be unsafe for you and your pets. 

  • Use Essential Oils  

Essential oils like peppermint oil, clove oil, and other strongly scented essential oils, if sprayed or put in soaked fabric or cotton, can repel rats and mice. The rodents do not like the smell of these oils and keep a distance from the spots where these oils are poured, sprayed, or placed in cotton balls. You need to reapply the oil till the rodent problem takes backstage completely. 

  • Professional Rodent Control 

Nothing can match the expertise or effectiveness of a professional rodent control service. The devices, tools, and solutions required to make the premises free from rodents are all available with professionals .They have the tools to catch rats, bait to attract rats, and solvents to kill them. Getting a professional rodent control service once every 3-4 months for your premises is advisable for better results. 

Professionals like Pestico Pest Control Sydney expert services are trained and skilled to provide you with the most effective rodent control services you always seek. The experts have eco-friendly solutions that help in keeping your premises stay rodent-free. 

Hire professional service to avoid and prevent any severe damage to the property and the health of the occupants.