5 Ways to Find Student Accommodations in the UK

The education system of the UK is divided into four systems with 38% of the United Kingdom population having a university or college degree and the highest percentage being that of Europe, the one among the highest percentages in the world. With the rising trend of aspirants pursuing higher education, universities in the UK face heavy influx and, therefore, resort to purpose-built student accommodation. Here are the five ways to find student accommodation that will ensure a hassle-free living for students during their studies in the UK.  

Go for PBSAs

As a result of the heavy influx of student enrollments in top universities in the UK, overseas accommodation hunt becomes a challenge. Thankfully, the UK as a whole is serviced by property providers who specifically deal in purpose-built luxury student accommodation (PBSA). These are overseas housing marketplaces, catering to students at large. They provide easy living options, where students can choose 100% secure accommodations. These websites also offer other beyond-the-bed accommodation-related services and after-sales services.  

Why Choose a PBSA

As part of the JLL research, a global real estate services firm, “The key demand driver for PBSA [Purpose Built Student Accommodation] shows a strong growth in higher education of international students who choose to study in the UK, leading to a rise in demand for PBSAs.” These are well-planned designer housing complexes that cater to student needs. These types of accommodations are set up in a specific way to help student residents socialize in a community-driven environment. Students get the choice of living in rooms equipped with a bed, designated study areas, and ample storage space. The cheap student accommodation options also offer onsite amenities, hence making a student’s life easy and convenient.

Type of Accommodation Needed

 Student Rental Shared Apartments

A room in a shared apartment is a good option for a new student who is just starting out their studies. You can live in shared apartments for the entire time you study. Shared apartments are the most affordable option in recent times. Communal living in shared apartments creates opportunities to meet new people and also help drive homesickness away.


These are single rooms available with a private washroom, kitchen and living area. It is ideal for those who like privacy and do not like to adjust or shared room amenities. However other communal spaces in the residential complex will have to be shared with other living in separate rooms in the residential premises.

Ensure Safety

Students looking for affordable accommodation must take into consideration the various safety measures when living in a new city and a totally new neighbourhood. Students should look for security features like CCTV surveillance, secure door entry, and secure parking spaces. Many accommodations also facilitate onsite support staff, offering security help whenever there is a need for the same.

Find out Transport Options

The various public transportation options in the United Kingdom offer students a lot of ways to get around. Students get the most benefit if they live in student accommodation with close proximity to bus stops to avail regular bus services. International students will have access to intercity bus services to travel to regions outside their study destination. They can travel by train, bus, ferry, or a taxi.  

With these aforementioned points in mind, students can go ahead with a better and faster luxury student accommodation search. They will be able to take a more informed decision and make the most of their student life in the UK.  Student accommodation websites like university living offer 100% secure PBSA with questions answered that students often have in their minds.