5 Ways to Celebrate Your Grad This Year

With graduation season close by, it’s time to consider the best way to help your graduate celebrate. Here are five ideas you may not have thought of, but wish you did.

Recruit A Celebrity Graduation Speaker

Your graduate worked hard to get where he or she is, and it’s always nice to reward him or her for that. One way to do it is to use a service like Cameo to purchase a commencement address from the celebrity of your choice. They will record a personal message for the graduate you want to congratulate. All you have to do is provide them with information about what you want the message to convey.

Prepare Or Order A Celebratory Meal

Food has long been associated with celebrations for a reason. One way to congratulate your graduate is to make his or her favorite dishes and have family and close friends in attendance for the meal. You can turn this into a casual outdoor graduation party and direct guests to it by using graduation yard signs to help them find their way. Whether you serve a sit-down meal or fire up the barbecue, food brings people together as few other things can.

Set Up A Graduation Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate the proud graduate’s journey to completing their degree, an interesting but fun way to celebrate is to organize a scavenger hunt. The key to personalizing the experience is to hide items that are meaningful to the graduate. These should be items that meant something to them over the course of their education. For example, you could use items like trophies, photos, and personal memorabilia. For each item, you use, attack a clue to it to help participants find the next item. Ideally, you’ll want to choose items and hide them in the order that they were used during the graduate’s years of education.

Have A Backyard Movie Party

If the graduate is a movie buff, consider organizing an outdoor movie night in a large backyard. All you need is a projector and a screen to bring the movies to your party guests. You can purchase projectors that are compatible with your computer or smartphone, so you can stream any movie you can find.

Throw A Video Chat Party

A fun way to get everyone together without being physically together is to organize a video chat party. Everyone can feel more connected by agreeing on a theme for the occasion. With the theme in mind, each participant can decorate his or her set accordingly. You can even hand out prizes for who has the best background, accessories, special effects, etc. Prizes can be e-gift cards and similar goodies.

While you can tell the graduate about the video chat party in advance, you may want to organize it as a surprise for them. All you have to do is keep them away from their computer until you’re ready to start the party.

These are just a few of the ways to help your graduate celebrate his or her accomplishment. Whatever way you choose, be sure to make it special.

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Ellen Hollington

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