5 Ways Technology and Automation are Helping HR Drive Business Success

The role of HR and people leaders in an organization is always changing with the new business trends, employee expectations, branding guidelines, company goals, and more. HR is an evolving trade, and nowadays it encompasses a myriad of processes that can alter and influence the course of the company. Sure, you can hold your HR experts back by having them just handle workplace disputes and log vacation time, but if you want to take your organization forward in 2021, you need to let HR in on mission-critical processes.

What’s more, you need to empower your HR experts to do a better job by giving them the right technologies and automating certain processes. Automation is the driver of efficiency, and it will help HR shift its focus on strategizing and making better decisions for the company.

On the other hand, having the right software on deck will allow them to handle more processes and projects, more efficiently. With that said, let’s take a look at how tech and automation can help your HR department drive business success.

Automating the onboarding HR process

Employee onboarding is a complex task that requires skilled guidance and leadership in order to maximize the potential of the newcomer from day one. As if the process wasn’t complex enough when everyone was working under the same roof, business leaders are now faced with the difficult task of successfully onboarding remote workers. Needless to say, remote workers can have an especially difficult time getting the hang of things and assimilating into the team due to the lack of physical supervision.

This is where automation and communication tech come in to save the day. HR can automate parts of the onboarding process through explainer videos, quick tutorials, automated reminders and popups. You can also leverage communication technology like VoIP and project management software to make yourself available to your new employees and inspire them to reach out should they have any problems at their new job. Automation software can also regulate accessibility and delegate access to newcomers automatically, ensuring that they’re always in the right place in your digital work environment.

Facilitating remote work and well-being

HR professionals have a range of roles in an organization, including oversight and ensuring the well-being of the employees. This can be a challenge on-site, but ensuring a high quality of life at work for remote employees can seem like an insurmountable task. Nowadays, HR specialists need to have access to detailed employee information and organizational data in order to make better decisions, improve employee engagement, and create plans for the individual to maximize their results.

By using an automated tool or internal analytics software that collects and compiles employee data, HR specialists can generate accurate reports on every employee and create a detailed roadmap for the individual. If the individual is struggling in any way, the HR expert can reach out with a personalized plan to enhance their satisfaction at work, their productivity, but also address any personal problems the employee might be facing. 

Comprehensive real-time visibility of employees

All of this leads us to a very important point, and that’s the importance of tracking the employees’ time and attendance and having a comprehensive overview of the employee collective. Why is this so important? With the right time and attendance software on hand, HR experts can minimize needless paperwork, they can know exactly how the individual is performing and where they are, and they can focus on creating meaningful plans to maximize the employees’ time at work.

Mind you, maximizing their time doesn’t mean making them work harder, it means using this information to help the employee achieve better results while cutting time waste and improving their mental well-being. After all, a burnt-out employee cannot be a productive member of your organization. 

Managing employee benefits with ease

Managing and tracking employee benefits manually for each and every team member is, to put it mildly, a waste of your HR expert’s time. These are tedious and repetitive tasks that you can easily outsource to a piece of software where this information can be logged in and tracked automatically. 

This provides a centralized tracking platform for the entire organization so that you can make better decisions, but it also cuts needless paper consumption, reduces the risk of human error, and lowers the costs of administration.

Be sure to automate everything from benefit eligibility to education and training, all the way to benefit modification due to life-changing events, onboarding, and more. 

Seamless and efficient performance management

Finally, dedicated HR software helps you keep your organization running smoothly across the board. You can’t expect your HR staff to manually monitor employee performance, because that’s just a waste of resources, and you certainly can’t expect them to do it for remote workers.

Instead, you need to invest in a performance tracking tool that’s right for your business and industry, and make sure that the software is capable of generating detailed reports automatically. This will save a lot of time and allow your HR staff to implement better, personalized solutions quickly. 

Wrapping up

HR has the potential to drive your company forward, but only if you enable it with the right tech. Use these tips to empower your HR department to take your business to new heights of success in 2021.