5 ways home automation can help your teenager

Teenagers are a handful to handle. The cocktail of hormones, new academic challenges, peer pressures from social media can make that age volatile. This makes the whole family usually emotionally upset. This is also a time when they are discovering themselves, so anything parents do in the name of safety seems an intrusion to them.

Technology today offers so many solutions, and it is up to us to find uses and applications for them. Home automation, audio, video technology or even home theater installation can all be used for a multitude of purposes, says an expert from a leading Hi end Home Theater Seating Installation Company in Hyderabad. You can throw a party or watch the movie version of your child’s Hindi lesson for better absorption on the home theater set up!

Here are five simple tips you can use your existing home automation tech, to ease out space and tensions if any for your teenagers.

The doorbell alarm:

Get the door! is one task teenagers hate. While you can now monitor that from your smart phone, you can also understand who is coming and leaving your home with a simple porch camera or door bell cam without questioning your teens. Also, while you are away, you know who is at the door, and if you should let them in.

Screen and social media control:

You can set timers to their gaming console, device or phone to warn when they cross a certain threshold. This will help them optimize screen time on their own as well. However ensure that you reach a mutual understanding about what time is acceptable. Else, it will feel like surveillance city and not parenting! You can also use these to serve as reminders for study, do some physical activity, do a chore or running an errand.

Smart lighting & curtains:

Lighting can make or break a place. Customized lighting solutions for their rooms while they throw their own little parties can be a thrill for them. Further, you can tailor it in the colours of their favorite sport team or set up their gaming console on the projector. No more leaving the lights on and forgetting to turn them off! Also with smart curtain bots, ensure they wake up at the right time in a perfect environment. Waking up right is very important to a good day for everyone!

Education & learning:

Remember that Google advertisement where a family asks their voice assistant for information on Jhansi ki Rani so they can help their kid dress up better for her fancy dress? Voice assistants can be fun devices to enhance learning. Maybe you are watching a sport and suddenly a question about velocity and acceleration pops up in your mind. Learn it on the spot! Also, you can have great hangouts for all your teenagers’ friends where they learn together by, maybe watching a movie or an educational video. You can also customise their favourite music playlists and play it for them the moment they enter the house! Remember this is the time when they are discovering a lot of things in the adult world, and you can use tech to make it knowledgeable and fun for them. Give them the right entry into the other side. the possibilities are endless.

Monitor activity:

Where have you been? What are you up to? Why didn’t you pick your phone!? These are the trigger questions for a full blown fight between teenagers and caregivers. Before there is a meltdown and a full blown battle, let us take a step back and understand. Your concern as a parent or caregiver is their security and safety. While for the teenager, it is an infringement into their new found freedom. While you can have solutions through digital locks where you know when exactly they come into the house – which also solves the big problem of having multiple sets of keys, you can know what they are up to without it feeling like a crappy spy film. Maybe there is a sudden rain show and you want to know where your child is, you can – just at the touch of a button.

As suggested above, technology is just an enabler. We can put it to use anywhere and anyway we want it to. There is an increasing tribe of people and parents on social media who think technology is spoiling their children. May be not. It is all in how you use it.

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