5 ways Employee Assistance program treats work from home burnout

The COVID-19 pandemic forced an unimaginable number of employees to opt for work from home. With government restrictions on gatherings, people all around the world are confined in their homes. Working in a homely and personal environment is not only challenging but isolated too. With the increasing stress of the current situation and the challenges of adjusting to these changes, organisations need to provide mental and emotional support to their employees. It is crucial to motivate them and keep the team spirit alive amidst the growing physical distance. And the best way to combat work from home burnout is through a well-planned Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Yes, fighting the instincts of succumbing to the situation requires professional help. And since all the employees cannot afford such therapies by themselves, organisations should take this initiative of supporting them. The effectiveness of these sessions increases when employees realise their company is doing their bit for them. Let us explore ways in which firms can back their workforce with this tool. Read on to know more about EAP sessions.

Working alone at home and going through video conferences routinely can be tiresome.

How Does EAP Treat Work From Home Workout?

Working in a healthy work environment in comfortable office chambers is different from working at home. With all the members of the family trying to find their personal space in the house, managing professional decorum is challenging. Employers should understand this situation and take a stand instead of letting them slip off the rack! EAP therapies are highly effective in inducing positivity and guidance. Here are the five most effective ways in which the employee assistance program makes a difference:

1.   EAP Brings The Team Together

The growing physical distance between team members is appalling. Video conferences are not as efficient as face-to-face meetings and gatherings. EAP therapy sessions bring all the employees outside of work commitment. They can share their emotions and give insights into their approach to changing lifestyles. Therefore, it gives a healthy break to all the workers that boosts team spirit.

2.   It Offers Effective Solutions

Therapists offering EAP services know solutions to almost every problem faced by working individuals. Employees can share their problems and seek out help from them. In times of crisis, employees need support from their managers and bosses. Arranging an employee assistance program can be the employers’ way of telling them that they care. And the staff can use this assistance to their advantage and commit more to their cause in the firm.

3.   Assists In Coping up With The New Changes

Work from home schedule has brought unfamiliar changes to the working styles of the employees. None of us from this generation have faced a pandemic. So, this high level of negativity and anxiety has a direct impact on our enthusiasm to work and grow. EAP events are highly useful in guiding employees to perform better and combat stress. Communication is more powerful than we perceive it to be!

4.   It Improves Employee Retention

If employees feel their work and contribution to the organisation in this stressful period is not yielding them any benefits, they will tend to leave the desk! Retaining old and committed workers who have done their best for the firm is crucial. Also, training new employees in this work from home burnout is not possible. So, reaffirming their faith in the organisation is possible through EAP sessions where therapists can guide them through the dark!

5.   It Reinsures Employees’ Faith In The Firm

Employees should not feel dejected and left out during this time. They must feel professionally and financially protected by their employers. The employee assistance program is highly successful in conveying this message that the company cares! They should feel they might get the same remuneration anywhere else but they will not get this guidance and support.

Some Useful Tips For The Employers

Employers can also make their contribution to secure the success of EAP arrangements. Making a personal move and organising the employee assistance program is the sole responsibility of the employer. Here are a few tips to ensure a positive outcome from the program.

  • If it is not feasible to get 100% attendance of the employees in the community session for all, an employer can sponsor EAP therapies for his employees.
  • Arrange weekly sessions to offer guidance on staying safe and self-care.
  • If there are a lot of workers to fit into one session, divide them into groups of 20 employees. This grouping will help relish a more personalised experience.
  • Hire the best service provider who is well-versed in organising remote sessions.

Work from home burnout is obvious in this deadly pandemic. The pressure of fighting this virus and managing to afford a living is taking a toll on our mental health. Professional assistance at work can help employees overcome these challenges. After all, they need constant support and guidance to give their best to the organisation.


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