5 Ways Conversational AI Can Improve Your Customer Support Service

Over the last decades, manifold enterprises have adopted the new shackles of technology to improve operational processes & bring flexibility.

Artificial Intelligence and business automation are two significant and result-oriented technologies that are helping businesses to thrive, improve, enhance, and sustain. The successful integration of Chatbot into business websites and applications has already made its mark to improve customer-level service.

However, the reach of AI in fueling customer support service is not confined to the extent of chatbots. It’s more than that. And that’s exactly how conversational AI can support your business in meeting customer queries well on time and improving the retention factor.

At this point, you might be wondering what is conversational AI, what are its virtues, and what its benefits are. Well, you will get to know all such things about this technology along with names of popular conversational AI platforms that are dominating the digital ecosystem.

So, with no further delay, let’s get started on the same.

What is conversational AI meant for businesses?

Conversational AI is an imperative virtue of Artificial Intelligence technology that simulates human-like conversations and responses. Taking the example of a chatbot that helps provide automated responses like that of human conversation to customers and meet queries. Similarly, conversational AI is a broad spectrum of technology that analyze human behavior and responses before providing actual answers. Not to forget, conversational AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), speech recognition, and dialogue management features to provide automated responses to humans.

What sort of benefits to avail of conversational AI?

You must have got the idea that conversational AI is way beyond a smart chatbot system. But provides a similar set of responses and human simulation benefits. Apart from the same, there are additional advantages of conversational AI that you must know.

Lower the customer service cost: Quite often, managing customers through constant support requires a great deal of effort & investment. It does cost you money to train the customer service agents and allow them to raise tickets and wait to resolve the issues. Instead of dealing with such effort-oriented and expensive customer service operations, it is better to implement conversational AI elements. It helps automate repetitive and mundane customer service operations to an optimum extent. Thus, reducing your customer service cost and tedious efforts efficiently. 

Ensure contactless customer service: It is no doubt that every single customer requires a fast response to solve the query and to create a brand trust factor. Concerning the same, different virtues of conversational AI helps provide a contactless support system to people. It provides a fast, intelligent, and automated support system to customers without allowing them to call a customer service agent and wait for their turn. Moreover, conversational AI further assists your business in bridging the gap between customers physically reaching the department and meeting the required issues. 

Enhance retention factor: Undoubtedly, providing positive customer service is essential for a business to maintain its user base and generate lasting trust factor. Any sort of delay in meeting customer queries related to your products or service might allow them to switch to another brand. In this way, customer satisfaction will be impacted to an optimum extent and you might lose the existing base of customers. To avoid all this, utilize conversational artificial intelligence virtues to increase customer satisfaction levels by 3.5X respectively. Not only this, it further helps in maintaining the retention factor by providing personalized and seamless assistance to customers. 

Types of conversational AI for your enterprises

The conversational AI software is divided into different types as per your business requirement. In addition to the required chatbot, you can implement the following few components as well.

Voice-Based Assistants: Voice bot assistants help convert the customer’s voice into the required responses as per the requirement and provide results accordingly. It helps recognize the user’s speech, language, and intent to provide a substantial result. For instance, customers can ask for relevant products on an eCommerce platform and find the required results in no time.

Text-to-Speech Software: As the name itself implies, this type of conversational AI software helps convert written text into speech in the shortest possible time. This technology helps create audio books, speeches, and more.

Speech Recognition Software: This particular software helps to convert verbal speech into transcribed lectures, and written text, and even create easy-to-understand transcripts.

Names of popular conversational AI platforms you should know 

As already mentioned above, here you will get to know the popular conversational AI platforms across the digital ecosystem. You can refer to the names of such platforms and create your own with the help of a reliable custom AI solutions development company.

Here’s the list of top-notch conversational AI platforms available today:

Google Dialogflow

IBM Watson Assistant

Kore.ai Experience Optimization (EO) Platform

Oracle Digital Assistant

LivePerson Conversational Cloud

S.A.P Conversational AI 

And the list goes on.

Final Takeaway

Technology is getting advanced and enhancing to an optimum extent while meeting diverse business requirements. Conversational AI benefits businesses in meeting end-to-end customer-level service to improve operations, enhance retention factors, and create lasting brand trust. Develop such a result-oriented software with the assistance of reliable solutions providers like Digital is Simple without incurring much cost.