5 Ways a Rope Access Solution Will Save you on Building Maintenance

Rope Access is a new solution to access hard to reach places be it in a construction site or for scheduled building maintenance. In fact, it is to new people don’t know what it is or how it can benefit them. To help you understand we put together a quick guide on what rope access actually is.

What is rope access?

Rope access is quick and reliable alternative to scaffolding. It is an uber safe way to reach hard to reach, high up places. Sometimes it can take weeks to build a scaffold, or can be expensive to bill out a lift such as a JLG. Rather than relying on these expensive services trained rope access techs work while being suspended by rope. This was there is no dangerous equipment, road closures for your lift, the list goes on.

In this way it is much more cost effective than traditional access methods. As an additional bonus Rope access does not interrupt the day to day flow of traffic, building entrances etc. It is a quick and easy way to complete your vertically inclined jobs.

Rope Access is Safe

You may be wondering, “these guys hang from ropes. Is it really safer”? To put it bluntly – Yes. Rope access is a safer alternative to the conventional methods. Rope access techs are government by IRATA and SPRAT. These two bodies regulate the industry.

SPRATA checks a company for their ability and credibility while IRATA provides the best rope access training in the industry.

Due to the dangers of working at heights a rope access tech is highly trained in a highly regulated industry. Rest assured these guy’s training is state of the art. It is the level of skill and training that makes these guys some of the best and safest guys out there.

Where can I use a Rope access tech?

A rope access technician can be used almost anywhere there are heights or fall potential. The industry is fast growing and versatile the applications are almost endless.

Building Maintenance

Rope access techs are used for a wide array of building applications. From maintaining bridges, changing lights, or repairing a damaged high-rise building.  A rope access worker will be able to repel down to the damaged areas of building to complete planned maintenance or on demands repairs such as adding calking, paining or fixing windows. They will be able to assist you in repairing damaged balconies as well. With the help of a good rope access company you can keep your building well maintained and running on all cylinders.

Regular Inspections

You want your building well maintained but you cannot know what needs maintaining without a regular building inspection. Could you imagine the costs of building a scaffold around your building for an annual inspection? It just isn’t feasible. A rope access tech will provide you will major cost savings and the freedom to inspect your building as they please. They are able to make sure no aspect is overlooked.

Window Cleaning

After a dry fall and winter, you will want to wash off the layer of dirt and grime that covers your building. A clean building doesn’t only look nice but it will also prolong the life of your buildings outside.

High Elevation Installations

Installing something isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish. Adding heights to the mix makes things just that much more complicated. A regular building maintenance team is unlikely to have the training to do it themselves.

When your building needs new flashing, windows or even a heat trace system a rope tech should be your first choice.

A trained technician will make working at elevations easy, quick, safe and done right.


A use that you may not have thought about it cinematography. While drones can get you many places you may not be able to get a permit for commercial drone use.  That is where rope access comes into play. Many photographers and filmmakers will hire the work of these professionals to assist them in getting the perfect shot. Getting that perfect shot can make or break a project.


There are many benefits to hiring a rope access company with cost being a major factor. It is often safer and may even help you save on insurance liability by hiring these professionals.

For the next time you need building maintenance done at heights consider a rope access tech.

Josh Shankowsky

Josh Shankowsky is a professional content writer with Snap SEO.