5 Watches That You Should Have In Your Collection

There are a few signature styles that every wristwatch lover must know about. Whether you are buying your first watch or trying to expand your collection, you must consider what you type of watch you are buying. Most importantly, you should know what type of chores you’ll be doing when you’ll be wearing it.

You’ll find plenty of choices while browsing through the best online watch store. So, it’s important to keep in mind what type of watch you need. Do you need a watch for hiking or you just need a stylish dress watch?

We’ve covered the 5 most commonly used watches that you should have in your collection. Look for these different types the next time you search the best Seiko watches or Casio G shock sale.

1. Dress Watch

A dress watch is a timeless piece of elegance that you must-have for those special occasions. It can complement your formal wear or a business suit whether you are going to a social event or an important meeting. A dress watch is nothing but a classic presentation that goes well with your attire.

So, you must consider a watch that is simple in design yet it should look stylish. Also, it has to be thin enough to slip in and out of your cuffs.

2. Field Watch

Those who are often involved in outdoor activities need a watch to match their rugged lifestyle. That’s where a field watch comes in to complement your dress code. These are sturdy watches that were originally designed for the military and can handle serious knocks and bumps.

Field watches usually comes with a leather band or canvas and lightweight. They are made of aluminum or stainless steel and are very easy to read.

3. Dive Watch

This is one of the most versatile timepieces that has its own fan base. As the name gave it away, these watches were initially designed for divers. Thanks to their water-resistant capability, you can wear them hundreds of feet below water. Over time, dive watches have becomes an iconic accessory, known for their durability and accuracy.

While shopping for a dive watch, look for one that can resist water up to 100 meters. Also, make sure that its material is water-resistant and corrosion-free. Materials such as nylon, silicone, titanium, and stainless steel are a good choice.

4. Racing Watch

Racing watches are for those who are looking for something flashier. These watches are available in various styles and you can get them in any color. Such a watch comes with additional trackers like a tachymeter (to measure speed per hour) and a chronograph (stopwatch function).

5. Aviation Watch

As the name presents itself, this is a timepiece for pilots to navigate the skies. The best thing about the aviation watches is that they are available in many styles. You can pick any of them with features that are specific to navigation needs.

Bottom Line

Knowledge about the basic types of watches is essential if you are upgrading your wardrobe. Once you know what type of watch suits your lifestyle, you can start looking for a suitable brand. We advise you to buy a watch that could compliment your attire and routine life.