5 Use Cases for CRM Software

CRM software is widely available now, and there are several ways it can help you optimize how you run your business. The software will make day-to-day activities run more smoothly and efficiently; plus, the software can help your business learn more about your customers over time. The use cases outlined below that will show you how Customer Relationship Management software can help you achieve specific goals for your business.

1. Prioritize Leads

Businesses can get hundreds of leads in a day. How can you differentiate between the hot and cold ones? Doing it manually is a chore, but the best CRM for small business can help you solve this problem via lead scoring.

The software will rank each lead based on how much it engages with your business. You can program the software to follow certain rules when scoring. This will ensure no important leads are missed, and it will free up time for your sales reps. Freeing up time will let them work on more important tasks, and it can also reduce workplace stress.

2. Follow Up On Leads

Sales executives must send dozens if not hundreds of emails per day. The replies to these emails come in at a varied pace, and sometimes an email will receive no reply. The sales exec must then respond to each reply, and this is incredibly time-consuming.

CRM can help you set up automated follow-up emails, call reminders, and more forms of automated replies as needed. This automation is highly beneficial for your business.

3. Identify a Deal’s Age

If a sales manager wishes to see how long it takes, on average, for a deal to conform, then they must do so manually. They need to keep and track data across various deals. This is an arduous task that CRM can help with.

Customer Relationship Management software can analyze a sales cycle report to calculate the average time it takes for deals to conform. This will help cut down on admin time, and it helps boost workplace productivity.

4. Help During Calls

Sometimes sales reps need to step away from calls and have a colleague take over. The sales rep would usually need to manually check who’s available to take over the call. CRM programs can automate this and check the list of available reps quickly. It can then transfer your call over to the available sales rep.

5. Help You Understand Your Customers

You can use the CRM programs with your customer support helpdesk to learn more about your customers’ concerns. You can add customer support helpdesk conversations to each customer’s profile to help you understand your customers’ needs better.

Customer Relationship Management software can help you automate mundane tasks, learn more about your customers, and optimize your workflow across various areas of the company. These use cases show how you can become far more productive by incorporating the software into your business.