5 Unique Steps To Make A Trivia Quiz Generate Crazy Leads

Trivia quizzes are a way of internet marketing, especially when you have a business that is dependent on producing profitable leads. Quizzes are no doubt a fun game to prove how clever you are. It is a great way of proving your intelligence and sharpness of mind. There are ways to make a trivia quiz successful and help you generate leads and let the quiz takers share it with others. We list below five such unique tips.

  1. A great topic – You must keep your audience’s interest as your topmost priority before choosing a topic for the trivia quiz. The topic should also be apt for the quiz. The matter of the quiz should be exciting so that the quiz takers do not lose interest. An interesting trivia will always keep the takers engaged until the end. The topic should definitely gel with your target audience. Look up to guidance from past successful trivia’s.
  2. A catchy title – A great way to increase traffic rapidly is to have a catchy title. Writing classy titles is not a layman’s job. It is an artistic skill mastered through practice and experience. A lot of time is spent in phrasing the correct title. The title should attract your readers instantly. A good headline for the trivia quiz must be clear so that the readers know and understand what the questions will be based on. The title should be brief and to the point.
  3. Interesting questions – most people will sign up and complete the quiz only if the questions are engaging. After you have decided on the topic and title, you must now focus on developing witty, humorous and interesting questions that are fun to do. The questions, however, should be on the chosen topic and reflect your brand or business’s character. Also, make sure the questions are not too many as it gets boring for the takers. Do not forget to include the surprise element to keep your participants hooked at all times.
  4. Tricky answers – The right ‘wrong’ answers are so much fun in a trivia quiz. It is not easy making a trivia quiz with answers, which are not very obvious. Make sure that at least two answers are really close to being correct. Also, avoid questions and answers that have dates in it. Not many remember the exact date of a particular historical event. When questions are tricky and challenging, it keeps the participants curious to know if there, answers are right.
  5. Let your personality reflect through the quiz – let people know through your trivia quiz about your brand. This will keep the interest alive in the participants, and they will not leave the quiz midway.

If you are able to use all of the above-mentioned points while making a trivia quiz, you would be sure to get significant leads. Keeping in mind the interest of the audience and a topic that they would like their knowledge to be assessed on make for a perfect trivia quiz.