5 TYPES of Kurti Sets are a Must-Have in Your Wardrobe

If someone asks you to name a highly versatile outfit for women, then your answer will be none other than a designer kurti set. Isn’t it? Available in variable colors and patterns, this garment is a perfect option for enjoying both, traditional and non-traditional looks. 

Kurti is also among those attires that provide the highest level of comfort. While shopping, you will come across a wide range of choices. As it will be a mixture of both new and old-fashioned garments, it is good to make your selection wisely.

Nobody will like to have the same type of kurtis in their wardrobe. Instead of being in a hurry, it is good to go with kurtis that are designed as per the latest trends. Below is a list of five types of kurti set for women that are a must-to-have in the wardrobe.

5 Different Types of Kurti Sets to Include in Wardrobe

Kurti forms a staple inclusion in the wardrobe of every woman. With different types of styles and varieties available, making the right choice will be no more difficult. As women are switching from Western styles of clothing to traditional forms, the kurti set has been recognized to be the best. 

You can style the kurti in the way desired to reflect your style statement. Kurtis not only have a chic look but are also super comfortable and will hardly pinch your pocket. Below is a list of five different types of kurtis that must be in your wardrobe:

Long straight kurti set 

\Also known as an evergreen style, a long straight kurti is a must-to-have in your wardrobe. With slits on both sides, it falls to the knees. Sometimes with the ankles! The choice is yours.

Regardless of the weather, a denim long kurti set or a Ferozi long kurti will be a great choice. Pairing with denim cotton pants will feature a style statement. From straight silhouette to three-quarter sleeves, there will be ample numbers of options to choose from. It will best go with leggings and palazzos with medium flare.

Anarkali kurti set

 Your search for a party wear kurti set concludes with an Anarkali set. Such kurtis have flares that run from the chest to the area of the hemline. It has a flattering silhouette and several designs to choose from. 

For perfect office wear and lunch, it is better to go with Anarkali kurtis manufactured using white cotton. An A-line kurti in a light color like aqua green will also be the right choice. Whereas, for a party look; better go with kurti sets that have stonework and georgette fabric. It can be paired with palazzos and leggings for a fashionable look. 

Angrakha kurti set 

Another must-have kurti in your wardrobe is the Angrakha kurti set. It has been prevalent since historical times. It is worn in the form of a jacket and has two different flaps. The flaps lay on each other on either side of the chest in the form of straps. 

You can easily incorporate this dress into your daily wear option. It is a great choice for those searching for kurtis to be worn during casual occasions and the workplace. Pairing with churidars will let you reflect a style statement. For special events like weddings, going with Angrakha kurtis having heavier embroidered versions will suit.

Shirt-style kurti 

The shirt style kurti is another exclusive inclusion for your wardrobe. It has gained high popularity for the grace and elegance it holds in terms of designs. This kurti has a shirt-like style that makes it suitable for both formal and casual events. 

As a regular office commuter, if you have been searching for the right online kurti set; then a shirt-style kurti will be a great choice. Such kurtis help form an excellent impression of your personality during interviews. Various fabrics to choose from include cotton, rayon, and poly crepe. Pairing it with flats and leggings will provide a complete look.

Kaftan style kurti 

One more exclusive choice when it comes to buying kurti set for women is none other than the kaftan style kurti. It is a highly popular dress for its free flow and loose fittings that reach your ankles.

Being designed in vivid hues and colors, these kurtis will be a great option for summer. As they are available in vibrant colors, making the right choice will become easy. These kurtis are not only suitable for party wear but also for beach wears.These are some of the exclusive collections of kurti set that every woman must include in her wardrobe. Logging in to Stado will let in coming across some decent collections at reasonable prices.