5 Tricks for How to Know If Your Phone Has Water Damage

It starts with a little annoyance, perhaps a sticking button or a crackling headphone. Then you remember last week when you tipped that beer or dropped the phone into the faucet. You know your phone is water damaged, but how do you check?

Water damage can get worse over time, and it is a problem you must address quickly. Below, we discuss how to know if your phone has water damage.

1. How to Know if Your Phone Has Water Damage

First of all, check the headphones and speakers. If you have plugged a pair of headphones in that work on another phone and get no sound, then you may have water damage.

Try playing some music or video without headphones. If the speakers will not put out the sound, despite the volume being up to full, this is another indicator of water damage.

2. Check Your Apps

If you are having trouble loading specific apps, it may be that your internal memory and circuits have been compromised by water. Your water damaged phone will probably fail to load apps altogether or may turn them off at random points.

If this is happening, the damage may change from app to app as the water moves around. Water damaged phone repair of this nature needs a professional to repair it. You can find companies online such as ifixomaha.com who may be able to help.

3. Water Damaged Phone Screen

A water damaged phone screen is easy to diagnose but can be tricky to repair. You may see actual water under the screen, or it may look bubbled. You could also have a loss of pixels and color on your display.

Typing may also be tricky if you have a touch screen phone. Some touch commands will not respond at all. You may find that some commands stick.

4. Check the Battery

Many phones have a water indicator built into the battery. This indicator can be a sign that water has got in, or it may even be a sign of internal corrosion—first, power down your phone.

After this, remove the battery panel and battery pack. Look for a dot behind the battery itself, or even on the battery. This will indicate the condition.

White is good and means you have no water damage. Red or pink signal water damage on the phone.

5. iPhone Sim Card Check

This check will only work on an iPhone, and you will need to remove the sim card to do it. For this, you will need a sim card removal tool or a bent paper clip. The sim card slot should be on the side of the phone and once you locate it, take out the sim card and peer down the hole.

If you can see red inside the hole, then you are in trouble. You have activated the liquid contact indicator, and your phone has indeed been infiltrated by water.

Get It Fixed

There are a number of quick fixes for waterlogged phones. Once you realize how to know if your phone has water damage, you can decide if it requires a home repair or a professional service.

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