5 Tricks for Getting Rid of Termites at Your House

Termites are minute pests that destroy wood significantly. They can, sometimes, be difficult to notice, at the beginning. In fact, they may not even be noticeable, until the damage has already occurred. Unfortunately, termites are able to chew their way through wood. This can destroy wooden structures and even cause them to collapse.


It is important to take control of your home, to prevent termites from overtaking it. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can be used, to eliminate these wood-eating pests as well as prevent a major infestation. If they don’t work, you may need to contact a pest control specialist.


Add Lemon Juice to Vinegar


Vinegar can be used to not only disinfect your home, but to also get rid of termites. Just mix the juice of two lemons with a cup of vinegar. Lemon juice should be added, since it contains d-limonene, which is toxic to termites. Add this concoction to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture around areas of your home, where termites are suspected. This includes the corners, cracks, and crevices of your home. The mixture will easily soak through these openings, making it simple to get rid of termites.


Orange Oil


Similar to lemon juice, orange oil also contains d-limonene. D-limonene destroys the exoskeleton of termites as well as their eggs. As a result, they lose moisture, protein, and end up dying. Orange oil can be applied to the hollow spaces of your home, where termites usually gather. It can also be used to keep your home free from drywood termites. Just spray it, regularly, around your home. Also, keep in mind that orange oil, as with any other oil, is very flammable. In fact, it is just as flammable as rubbing alcohol.


Although orange oil is deadly to termites, it is safe for people as well as pets, as long as it isn’t consumed. It also has a very pleasant smell, since it is produced from orange rinds. Additionally, orange oil is more eco-friendly compared to other available options. So, you don’t need to worry about moving out, after applying this treatment.


Borax Powder


Borax powder, also known as sodium borate, interferes with the digestive system of termites. It acts as a poison, in their stomach. This will result in the death of the termites, in a matter of days. To treat the crevices and cracks of your home, just mix the powder with water. Spray a moderate amount, in the affected areas of your home. Borax powder is not as toxic, when compared to other chemical solutions. In fact, it is often used for laundry and as a household cleaner.


Natural Sunlight


Termites often hide in dark places. This is because they are unable to survive, when exposed to natural sunlight. Consider opening your windows, to allow natural sunlight to enter your home. This will help prevent and get rid of termites. If there is a piece of furniture that has suffered some damage, place it in bright sunlight. Also, consider exposing other areas of your home that have already been affected by termites. Furthermore, rotate your furniture often, to prevent termites from hiding.




Salt is an excellent remedy for getting rid of termites, especially, since it dehydrates them. Just add equal amounts of warm water and salt to a jar. Be sure to stir, until the salt dissolves in the water. Be sure the water is very salty. Then, fill a syringe with the mixture. Apply it to the concrete slabs and any cracks of your home’s foundation. Termites always avoid salt, because they are unable to survive in a salty environment.