5 Top Trends For Flooring Design 2021

Throughout the year, flooring trends change as people attain new fashion tastes. Technology gives a wider variety of flooring designs for their remodeling project. Medium brown colors hit the perfect statement for homeowners.


If you intend a renovation, be sure you inquire with your contractor. Ask the contractor about the option that is most suitable for you. Many residential flooring companies in Snellville, GA, give the best service according to your home. You can contact any of them for your renovation plan.


Flooring textures ranging from ebony to driftwood got very famous. The next trend that got popular is allowing flooring flaws, such as the mineral knots and strikes, to display aesthetics. It gives a more natural look.

We have written down five of the prominent trends for 2021.


  1. Fumed Wood Flooring


The contrast of wood and white paint for the ceiling and floor is hard to challenge in this kitchen. Almost all kinds of wood flooring go through some tinting to put on them the perfect final touch. Fumed wood flooring obtains its vibrant color and grain without sort of staining. Instead, the wood is gone through a procedure called fuming. 


Fuming provides wood-rich colors and enriches the natural grain. The ultimate look is way more appealing than that with the stained wood flooring.


  1. Bleached & Blanched Woods


No design beats bleached wood if you desire a neat look in your living room. Not everyone loves the shiny brown colors of wooden floors. Some homeowners like the subtle white-washed bleached floor. This type of flooring undergoes blanching. Blanching provides the wood a smoky white-washed look with visible natural wood so that you do not miss the beauty and charm of natural wood.


  1. Distressed Wood


Do you crave the look with durability? Go for concrete tiles. The distressed wood was in fashion for a long time but became more famous just lately. Distressed flooring goes through artificial aging and styling procedures that provide it a little pale finish. It suits best in areas where a lovely rustic look is needed.


Several actions take place while preparing distressed wood. It depends on the style and degree of the desired distress. Distressed flooring can blend into many decors, but it works best in contemporary and industrial home styles.


  1. Wood Flooring In Pretty Patterns


Why design the floor layout to get the same look as everyone else’s. You can go for a unique and fun pattern. Herringbone and Chevron floor layouts are an excellent way to give a tone to your dining hall or kitchen. They can also be a perfect addition to washrooms!


Suppose you haven’t seen them anywhere already. You can expect to notice these in 2021 as a notable trend.

Modern kitchen with bright colors and easy to maintain flooring.


  1. Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl is incredibly soft underfoot, so it is comfortable to stand on for long periods. It is also more delicate to the touch as compared to the hard tiled surfaces. Vinyl comes in many categories of gloss, which means you can have a choice of looks.


Vinyl is an excellent choice for living rooms that receive a bunch of guests. It resists water, and it does not stain, dent, and fade quickly. It is peaceful and available in multiple colors and designs. Moreover, it is simple to install.




No one is content anymore with these conventional materials. Homeowners prefer flooring materials that go through special procedures to make them extraordinary in texture and design.


No matter if it is blanched flooring, fumed wood, or wood-looking tiles. Buyers are searching for new and compelling picks. You can visit companies in Snellville, GA, or your home renovation plan. Residential Flooring in Snellville, GA, is famous for giving you the desired look for your home.


Luckily, 2021 gives variety, quality, style, and much more. It will not dishearten the homeowners.