5 Top tips for finding a new job

Now a day’s job searching for a job can be time-consuming and can be hard work in itself. This is because it’s best to get the right job as it sets a precedent for your career path.

Here we show five best and easy ways which boost your chances of landing the job that you are searching for.

  • Sort out your CV
  • Interviewing Practice
  • Think about your skills
  • Research the company before applying
  • Make sure the job is a good fit then apply
  1. Sort Out Your CV

CV is the first most important step for getting a job, it’s must be written well and nicely formatted. If it’s not, your application will just be tossed out. If you want your CV to work, you need to make sure it has all the right information, be related to the position you are applying for and be formatted well.

  • Interviewing Practice

If you are lucky enough to get an interview, it is a good idea to practice before hand. Have a think about what questions they might ask. Be well prepared to answer interview questions, especially the tricky ones like why you left your old job, what are your weaknesses. And make sure you stay on topic. When we interviewed Rednax Labour Hire agency they said “So many times when we ask candidates in an interview ‘Tell me about yourself’ they go on to tell me about their families, their pets, unrelated interests, and nothing is about work. If an employer asks you to tell them about yourself, treat the question as ‘Tell me about why you would benefit this company by working here)’”

Think about Your Skills and How they Relate to this Job

Before applying for any job try and work out what skills and strengths you have to show in your job interview that relate specifically to that job. Every job related to any industry requires skills, whether it is communication skills for dealing with customers or culinary skills for a chef’s position or management and organizational skills for any Team Leader positions. Think about your skills, and what you can bring to the table.

  • Research the Company Before Applying

When applying for a job is good to research the company where you wish to work, and best to do it before the job interview. During the interview, you can drop hints about what you have researched and how it fits with you and your experience. That is the best way to impress the interviewers!

  • Make Sure the Job Is a Good Fit Then Apply

In the end, you make sure that this company is a good fit for you or not. Also, ask yourself these questions of first. Will you be happy doing this job? Do you truly want this type of job? Will, this job give you the work/life balance you need? Will it give you a career boost? If you like your answers, apply for a job and submit your CV. Thinking about quitting your job before you find a new one? If so, read more here as Rednax Labour Hire in Brisbane has written a helpful article with everything you should consider before you do!