5 Top Benefits of Using Fabric Banners for Your Next Event

Fabric banners are usually used in events, tradeshows, conventions, and more. Though you will find a gamut of styles, sizes, and varieties, there are two popular options when it comes to materials, which are fabric and vinyl.

Vinyl is quite popular, but that does not mean fabric banners are not effective for your upcoming event. According to an article published in Forbes, it takes much preparation for your professional event planning. That is why you cannot overlook the importance of fabric banners. Here are the top five benefits of the same for your next tradeshow or event:

1. Crease-resistant

When it comes to fabric banners, they are made of nylon, polyester, satin, and other materials, which are generally crease-free, wrinkle-free, as well as tear-resistant. Even if crease or folds show up, you can remove them effortlessly and fast using an iron. Then, the best quality fabric banners are crease-resistant, and therefore, you do not need to worry.

Though vinyl is popular due to its durability, it is prone to distortion or creasing if exposed to pressure. It means that vinyl banners require proper rolling up when stored.

2. Fabric look

The experts in the sign industry agree that cloth banners look better compared to vinyl. When it comes to the dye-sublimation printing of fabric material, it adds brilliant colors and a subtle, natural feel and texture to the material. This is not the case when it comes to the artificial and flat surface of vinyl banners.

That is why a fabric banner is the best choice for indoor events and presentations. It is beneficial for close inspections. You will find multiple varieties of cloth banners so that you can use the materials in many applications without any compromise on image reliability and quality.

3. Easy storage

Cloth is easy to transport because the material is foldable and therefore, ensures easy storage and that too in limited space. A 7-foot wide vinyl material means a 7-foot roll, which makes the material hard to transport and challenging for storage. A fabric banner of similar size could be easily folded and stored.You can also carryit inside a grocery bag or store it conveniently in a box.  It is beneficial when you travel or when you ship your event materials.

4. Interchangeable hardware choices

Fabric banners and signage are easy to design and with appropriate installation and hardware choices, you can opt for new fabric prints to set up inside your mounting hardware, thus saving much money and space.

5. Camera flash

At your next event, when indoor photography is required, cloth banners are your best bet. This is not the case with vinyl materials, as it is reflective and light reflection is not suitable for conditions when flash photography is needed.

Cloth fabric can absorb camera flashes for flawless pictures that look clear and natural. That is why cloth banners are quite beneficial for tradeshows as well as events involving VIPs as well as paid photography.


Now that you know about the benefits of fabric banners when it comes to indoor events, paid photography with VIPs, choose the best material for your brand promotion.