5 Tips While Planning A Ski Trip

Holidays are about going on trips with family and getting the most of your time together or they could also be about a solo trip. This can be anything from a weekend getaway to a week away camping in the mountains.

Going out to ski is an amazing experience, but make sure you prepare well for it. Whether you go by yourself or with your family on this winter ski holiday, you want to make sure that everyone is safe and enjoys themselves. Here are some tips on how to enjoy yourself when going on a ski trip.

Plan Ahead of Time

The earlier you start planning your solo ski trip or your family winter holidays, the better. Start checking prices for flights, cottage rental or hotels or even camping sites if you intend going ski camping. The early you do so, the better the deals you can get.

For example if you are planning on going ski tour in Australia or taking a winter tour in Argentina, there is a lot of helpful information online about your destination. Check out websites for tourist attractions, local winter events and things to do, and the winter resort itself. There might even be some good deals or last-minute offers that you can take advantage of.

Websites like TripAdvisor allow you to see what others think of the resort and hotels in the area and can help you find hidden gems that most people miss. In case you plan on spending your winter in Auli, it also allows you to prior book activities like snowshoe trekking, winter walking trails, hiking or skiing, and others.

You should also start thinking about what you are going to need for the trip. How much clothing is everyone going to wear? If you need ski lessons or not? What kinds of foods are you taking on the trip, and where will you be cooking them?

At the very least, make sure you know what type of skiing you are going to be doing so that you can choose the right skies.

If you are with your family, discuss this ahead of time so that everyone knows what they are getting into.

Make a Budget

Make a budget before your trip as well, no matter if you’re going with your family or on a solo ski trip. This is because some of the best places to go skiing are not always easy on one’s wallet.

You want to make sure that everyone is spending the same amount of money and no one is getting over their head or keeping it too low and restricting others’ activities.

This way, you can avoid arguments about who’s spending what and how much you should all be putting out. If you’re planning on going with other people for ski events, it’s a good idea to have them contribute as well. This is also important if you are taking children.

Dress Appropriately and Pack Wisely

Being cold or wet can completely ruin your experience and make it miserable. Ensure you pack exactly what you need for your trip basis the ski destination you have planned. For example winter in Montana, Ottawa, Switzerland or even Minnesota can be a tat bit extreme, so plan accordingly.

Dressing in layers is key when you’re going to be outside for a long period of time. Make sure that you dress in clothes that are comfortable, and take the appropriate layers for changing weather conditions, especially ones that can keep you warm on the slopes. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Items your travel kit should include:

  • Outerwear (long sleeve shirts and pants)
  • Midlayers (thermal underwear, sweaters, or hoodies)
  • Insulation (Windbreakers and parkas)
  • Shell Clothing (Raincoats, ski jackets, and pants)
  • Protective Footwear (Ski boots)

Also, make sure you have everything with you before you leave for your trip. Make a list of what ski gear you need and check it twice before heading out the door, and even more than once if needed!

This includes clothes and accessories like ski socks, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, and goggles. Be sure to take extra gloves, goggles, hats, etc., in case one of them gets wet or lost. If you are camping or staying in an igloo, make sure to also take sleeping bags, flashlights, matches/lighters, toiletries, towels, etc. Make sure you check the clothing labels before you buy your ski clothing to ensure they are well-equipped to keep you warm on the slopes.

You can also pack a camera drone if you want to film yourself from above. If you are planning skiing at night, make sure you have night time flying waiver as some locales don’t allow flying drone at night.