5 Tips When Going on an RV Trip

Tired of always staying in hotels when you go on vacation? Then consider renting an RV this time. An RV trip is great for all kinds of people, especially families who are looking to do something together without breaking the bank.

It’s a fun way to see new places, visit food truck events, or just bond with each other. Plus, there are many great campgrounds across the country that have amenities to help you enjoy your vacation even more.

So, what should you know before going on an RV trip? Here are five tips that will ensure you have a safe and fun family road trip no matter the destination.


If you plan to go to someplace that’s not really accessible by RVs, then boondocking may be the best choice. The word “boondocking” means to camp without hookups, which means you will need to find a spot that is remote and has no electricity or water. It is recommended to carry a lithium RV battery, just for safety reasons.

When you are boondocking, make sure when you look for places that you ask the property owner if they mind if people do this. You can also ask where the best place would be for boondocking in that area.

If you are looking for free places, then just consider that not everyone wants this kind of activity happening near their property, so keep your eyes open.

When you go boondocking and if the weather is an issue, then make sure to bring something like a tent in case it gets too bad.

You can also take your cell phone with you, but make sure to keep it charged up! You don’t want to be out there in the middle of nowhere and find yourself needing help.

Bring Extra Supplies

When you go on an RV trip, you always need to bring extra supplies of RV essentials. That’s just given since nothing is ever guaranteed. Make sure you bring extra food and water.

A well-stocked caravan or RV will always take good care of you, your family and pets on your road trip. Make sure you take extra items like toilet paper, firewood, and whatever else you usually need that’s related to the campsite and will need access to it.

In case you are road tripping with your canine companion, make sure you carry everything you would need to make sure your canine companion is well taken care of. You would need everything from a first aid kit to a dog bed.

When you go on an RV trip, make sure to plan out what your schedule is going to be like by checking weather forecasts and how long it will take to get from one place to another.

You don’t want to plan a short trip only to end up stuck there for the long haul because of some time issues.

Plan Your Meals

If you’re going on an RV trip, then the chances are that you do not just have breakfast every day after you wake up. When you’re on an RV trip, plan your meals just like you would if you were home. That way, when you get tired of the same thing every day, then you’ll know what to do about it!

When starting out on your trip, bring things that are easy to prepare so that if you don’t want to cook in the RV, you have something quick you can do.

If there are grocery stores nearby or places where it’s cheap to buy food, then you may want to find out when they are open so that way you can stock up on items for future use! Hence plan your driving trails well in advance and make sure to make your grocery or food stops.

You can also explore some local food or food truck events happening along your route. You never know what tasty treasures will be waiting for you in a new place, so get out and explore.

Plan Your Transportation

It’s very important when planning your RV trip to plan out your transportation. After all, you’re going to be traveling a lot of time and covering a lot of ground – so an issue with the RV or your travel trailer can turn into a huge problem.

If you have a car that you will also be taking on the trip with an RV, then make sure it’s up to the challenge of going on a trip like this. It can be tough on your vehicle as well as yourself if you don’t do it right!

When planning your transportation, make sure that you know where gas stations are and how far they are from RV parks or campgrounds where you are planning on halting. That way, if something happens and you can’t get it fixed immediately, then you know where the closest gas station is and how long it will take to get there!

Transportation can be a difficult part to plan for when going on an RV trip, but if you do your research and know what your vehicle and RV can handle, then you should have no problems at all! You can also try a pop-up camper, especially if you are a family travelling with kids.

Also make sure you have all the important safety features in place before your trip. Bullet Liner can help ensure you are well-protected and ready for your trip. Don’t forget to carry a good tow hitch just as a precautionary measure.

Comfort!!! Let’s not forget that no matter where you are headed, any road trip will have you sitting for hours in one place. This is where comfortable camper and RV seating will play an important role, to ensure your long hours don’t feel longer than they should.

Nowadays, you name the kind of RV or trailer and they exist from luxury travel trailers to restroom trailers. The market has any and everything one would need. Make your pick wisely.

In case somewhere along your trip you need an airport parking space make sure you plan ahead of time to avoid any last minute surprises,​.uk can help with this.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Last but not least, the most important tip of them all is to make sure that you are ready before you leave. There is no point in going out if you are not prepared to do so!

Make sure that you know what your RV can handle, make sure that your vehicle is ready for the trip as well, and make sure you have all of the supplies needed. If there are any friends or kids with you on the trip, then make sure they are ready as well!

While taking a camper road trip or even just travelling with kids one must make sure to be extra careful, especially if they are very young. Also don’t forget to make yourself a road trip packing list, it can be a big lifesaver. Make sure to pack all of your baby gear into a stylish, eco-friendly travel backpack so you can stay organized on your adventures. 

When going on an RV trip, it’s a good idea to carry a first aid kit. You don’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere and find out that you can’t provide immediate help because you don’t have anything with you at all.

Make sure that you have all of your supplies ready to go, including food, water, or road trip clothing that you plan on bringing along with you. If there is a chance of inclement weather, then make sure you have the right equipment needed in case it does happen!

Try to read up tips for responsible travel, or talk to other travelers on how they managed a successful travel.


Be prepared for whatever comes your way while living the RV life by following the above tips so that no matter what happens, you know how to handle it. You can also check out Passport America which is a camping club where you can avail various discounts.

RV trips can be a lot of fun and offer a great opportunity to explore the country and see some amazing things.

By planning ahead and knowing what you need, you can find yourself having a great trip and enjoying it to the fullest!