5 Tips to Shoot Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are planned properly to ensure everything should be solemnized as per the rituals. Guests and families like to have a proper arrangement at the wedding including photography, food, and decorations. There is no doubt about the fact that Indian weddings have many rituals and ceremonies that need to be captured in the right way so that one could recollect the wedding moments. It becomes crucial for families to decide who should photograph the wedding and how it should be covered. Some new photographers need to understand Indian rituals and culture well to be able to work and shoot amazing photographs that cover every emotion and moment of the wedding.

Each wedding is unique in its way because of the diverse Indian culture. Some photographer does not understand rituals and their significance and why they need to be covered in the wedding. The best way is to speak to the couple and the family and know how they want their wedding to be covered or their expectations when it comes to the way it should be shot. Understanding the events and their importance make the photographer click the right images covering all ceremonies and emotions of the wedding. Hence, a photographer should never miss discussing with the family and should actively participate in the wedding ceremony.

A top Indian wedding photographer will understand that his work is challenging and require him to be fully prepared before the actual shoot. A photographer has to have the flexibility to change according to different wedding themes and that could pave the way for his success. A photographer should know how to arrange family portrait and other types of wedding photographs that make for a perfect wedding album. It can be overwhelming and a new experience for both photographer and the couple to see such a response and get clicked for all kinds of different emotions.

How To Take Pictures?

  1. Shoot extensively – Indian weddings are no less than a big event and photographers need to move here and there quite a lot. Do not hesitate to move and get around to click the right photographs. Be polite and firm with people obstructing frame even how many times one needs to do. Remember, the Indian wedding is colorful and one should capture all the vivid colors of the wedding.
  2. Lights – As a photographer, one has a big responsibility when it comes to illuminating the stage or other areas. Most of the time a stage or venue is already filled with lights. A photographer should carry portable lights that they can adjust when they want to take lights. So, ensure to carry enough lights to shoot even with the big crowd. 
  1. Meet Couple- Unlike others, try to meet a couple to know how they want to be clicked and they have a pre-wedding shoot in mind. A quick meeting generally will help photographs to meet expectations and plan shoots in a manner they want. Some couples may suggest location and pose they want to be clicked in and a good photographer ensured he follows these instructions diligently.

Understanding Events- There are many pre-wedding and main wedding events people like to shoot and collect in the photo album. It becomes important for a photographer to understand events like mehndi, Haldi, and engagement ceremonies and shoot these events from the time a family asked the photographer to begin shooting till the ceremony ends. If a mehndi ceremony is being conducted a photographer should ensure he should click a picture of the bride and her henna hands. Not only this, ladies’ sangeet and other ceremonies should be captured that should cover the whole ceremony and people in it.

  1. Shooting wedding- The main wedding is placed around a holy fire where a bride and groom are supposed to be present to solemnize the wedding around the fire. Here the bride and groom will be together to walk around fire seven times and ties necklace around the bride’s neck promising to be together. As a wedding photographer, one should capture these moments beautifully and play with the technicalities to get the right pictures where the bride and groom look isolated for the moment, thus creating a nice video or photo capture. 

Some people need the same service for reception when it comes to videography and photography services. It means here also the photographer has the opportunity to bring out his creativity and style. Most receptions are about gift presentations, blessings, and meetings. A good photographer should instantly create various themes and colors for all events and should be able to impress with his final work.

Some experienced photographers understand Indian wedding rituals well and plan according to the events and need not much supervision. Therefore, one must make sure to carefully hire a photography service that has an understanding of Indian rituals and can work well with his clients.