5 Tips To Save Money On Disney Trips

Visiting Disneyland or Disney World is at the top of the must-do list for many individuals and families. While it goes without saying that you should arrive prepared, it can be very easy to overspend and walk away regretting it. Although fun, food, and souvenirs at the parks are not cheap, and can add up quickly. Instead of pulling out your wallet every time you need something, take a look at these ideas and discover how you can save on your next visit.

Figure Out Meals

It pays to plan your meals out in advance. If you want to eat at a full-service sit-down restaurant that features characters, your meals will cost more. It makes sense to do this type of outing only a few times, rather than trying to arrange it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Figure out where you would like to eat and which meal would be best for your preferred restaurant. From there, plan on eating at the cafeteria-style areas of the park. You’ll save money, and these can sometimes be a little more relaxing since they are less crowded. 

Plan To Stay Off-Site

Staying directly on the property means you’ll have additional expenses, since those are often the most coveted types of hotel rooms. Instead, look for condos or another hotel chain that is only a short drive or walk away from where you are. You can save hundreds of dollars depending on where you choose to stay and for how long. Although you might have to make somewhat of a trip to get there, you’ll focus on visiting the different attractions and having fun, and you can feel better about saving more money in the long run. With the right Disneyland planning, you figure out what is important to you when you visit. 

When Possible, Bring Items From Home

Don’t fall into the temptation of buying items directly from the park that you can easily bring from home. This goes double for impulse buys that you might not need, but they seem like a good idea at the time. One example is the mist fans that the parks often sell on hot days, allowing you to turn on a fan and spray a cool mist on yourself. These often cost no more than $10 at any store, but Disney parks usually mark them up to $20 or more. Bring these yourself, so you don’t spend more than you would like on a simple item. 

Limit How Many Souvenirs You Need

While it is only natural that you want to remember your time at Disney, getting one too many souvenirs can be costly. Think about what areas of the park you enjoy the most, and resolve to get only one or two souvenirs from there. Consider items that will evoke happy memories, such as a picture of you and your family on Splash Mountain, rather than another t-shirt.

You’re more likely to look back on a picture and remember the good times, more than you are a mug, for example. Limit how much everyone in the family can purchase, and put a dollar amount on it. The important thing is to have fun, rather than spend a lot of money on items you’ll forget about in a few months. 

The next time you plan a Disney vacation with your family, think about setting a limit on your spending. Figure out meals and don’t eat at the fancy sit-down restaurants every time, since those can quickly add up. Stay off the property in order to save money, even if that means dealing with a little bit of travel time. When necessary, bring items from home, like a mister fan, and skip out on impulse buys. Finally, too many souvenirs are unnecessary and will quickly be forgotten about later. Take pictures and cap your spending on these types of items. This can help you effectively plan and make the most of your vacation.