5 Tips to make your social media platform more reachable

There is an overloading on every platform of social media as more than 3.81 billion people have become active users. It is becoming more complicated to target your audience due to the excessiveness of information on every topic. On the same note, social media provides a variety of opportunities to get in touch with your customers and satisfy them with customized offerings.

Below is the list which includes 5 tips that can make your social media platform more reachable with your customer.

1.     Gauge your maximum traffic frequency and adjust your posting timings:

On social media it is of core importance to know and analyze the way in which traffic is coming on your platform. According to that user traffic you may set your posting frequency. There are different algorithms for different platforms. For example it is recommended to post on Facebook thrice in a week. And it’s more effective if the content is posted between 12 PM to 3 PM. On weekends content posted 12 PM to 1 PM gets more reach. If we talk about twitter, the algorithm provides more reach if posts per day are 15. On Instagram, 1 post daily is more reachable. There are many companies in the market assisting the customers to provide services like SUF Digital, Rezaid, Xint Solutions, Webbee Inc, and SEO Biz World.

2.     Engaging the Audience:

Posts giving a personal touch get more audience. A catchy quote or a personalized question might be helpful in this regard. Learning google analytics in this regard is very crucial, to know and examine your target audience according to your product or business.

Be interactive with other accounts, like, comment and follow them, retweet them. It’s a great strategy to get retweeted back in regard and expand your brand. Interactional conversations are more helpful and useful for developing and connecting the brand.

3.     Platform oriented content:

Content algorithm for each platform is different, Twitter is more supportive to articles and news like content, while Instagram focuses on visuals. So do not just copy and paste your content from one platform to another. Try to prepare content as per the platform requirement. Facebook algorithm is not supportive of exaggerated content. On Twitter if you retweet other’s work you engage more audience. It might be divided into the ratio of 30 and 70 percent. 30 percent of your content and 70 percent other’s retweeting.

4.     Not a direct selling medium:

It’s not a physical market, where you are putting auctions and selling your products. It’s a platform where you build relationships with your audience, enhance it through your content and generate leads and urge them towards a sale at their own choice. Try to create a fan base by supporting them with beneficial posts like inspiration, information, and resource sharing and tips provision.

5.     Identify your audience:

As mentioned above, there is an overloading of content on social media, your content may get lost within fraction of seconds. A very critical job is to identify your audience to whom you are targeting. A good target identification is only possible if you analyze and examine it from a professional’s point of view. In this regard many organizations are providing services to identify your audience and prepare content accordingly, like Xint Solutions which provides web and app development services and a complete digital plan including market identification, customer analysis, and content creation.