5 Tips To Increase User Engagement on Your Company Blog

If you run a business and host a blog, not only can you show off your product or service, but you can rise in the organic search results of Google. While true, plenty of entrepreneurs don’t know what they are doing. And, as a result, when running a blog without understanding basic design principles, you will not excite your customers or keep them interested in the long-term. While true, if you follow these five web design principles, you can create a popular company blog.

Simple to navigate

If you want your users to click links and follow your blog posts, you need to create simple navigation all users can follow. Now, you may wonder, what is simple navigation? To start, you should place links to all other blog posts on the right side. At the same time, you need links back to your website front page and other key pages. If you don’t do this, your readers will grow frustrated when they can’t navigate back to your site or to another blog post. Remember, when visitors check out your posts, you will want them to stay on your blog or website for as long as possible.

Bigger font for important headlines

While tempting to write everything in large fonts, you will want to tone it down and reserve this for important headlines. With this web design principle, you will not scare off clients or bother them. At the same time, you can reserve your large fonts for important blog posts you want to highlight.

No pop-ups or tricks

Now, Internet users will hate to land on your blog and watch as you bombard them with offers to sign up for a newsletter. This is tacky, annoying and ineffective. If you do this, your visitors will grow angry and will leave your blog if they can’t browse it without interruption. Instead, if you provide unique, interesting and quality posts, your visitors will naturally stay on your blog and return in the future. To solidify this connection, allow people to post comments with their Facebook account. Then, you will watch as people hold lively discussions and return a few times a week to check out your posts.

Keep your posts short and to the point

According to Noria, an SEO company in Thailand, when trying to zoom up in the SEO results, people often write long and drawn-out blog posts without much of a point. While you can help your short-term SEO results with long blog posts, you will not prosper in the long road. No, in fact, if you write decent posts of average length, you can keep people interested and keep your blog design simple and to the point.

Test everything

Finally, when you write a blog post, you will want to test it out for functionality. Not only will you want to read the content, but you will want to click the links and verify that the formatting looks decent. If so, you can submit the blog post and watch as your excited readers stay interested.

Final Thoughts

With these five web design principles, you can help your company blog gain traffic and rise in SEO results. If you do so and write excellent content, you will help your cause greatly and if you want to know more about web design, this blog is a good resource.

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