5 Tips to Increase Sales and Enhance CX with Mobile Apps

The emergence of interactive and feature-full mobile applications is revolutionizing the landscape of domestic and commercial phases. Whether it is a fitness or ecommerce application, a modern version has brilliant features that enable users to enjoy the user interface. 

The level of customer experience defines the level of success of applications developed for different purposes. The exponential increase in downloading and using ecommerce applications alone was 44% in 2020. This is why more businesses are looking for application development to offer a personalized experience for users.

Ecommerce application has clearly revolutionized the way we meet our needs. These applications are downloaded and used for procuring materials at any level. Whether B2B or B2C, these application platforms are ideal for finding the right items at competitive prices. Even though this genre of the app is highly popular, it is the 4th most erased app category in recent times. Why do people stop using an ecommerce application? It is the customer experience that matters the most.

Understanding Ecommerce 

An ecommerce application is a digital platform where a business can display its products online offering users to purchase directly from this online portal. It can also be an app where buyers and sellers meet to mutual benefits. The second type of ecommerce can be considered a marketplace where multiple buyers and sellers can meet to find the most suitable entities to do business.

There are different types of ecommerce platforms we use these days.

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business
  • Business to administration
  • Consumer to administration

The most common platforms offer the following services a major part of the smartphone users is habituated to use.

  • Wholesale and retail
  • Online marketing
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Online booking
  • Digital advertizing
  • Online publishing
  • Auctions, etc.

These are the prime domains of the ecommerce application development industry where services are provided to companies. A service provider constructs a strategy first based on market requirements, company profile and products/services, and market trends. Then, following these trends and market factors leads to the formation of an ecommerce platform that consumers will find highly satisfactory to use. 

Tips to Increase Customer Experience and Sales

 As mentioned earlier, the prime focus is to escalate sales by increasing consumers’ degree of satisfaction. It can only be done when a brilliant user interface is designed for a better customer experience. Here is a list of tips that modern app developers follow to make an ecommerce application very productive.

1. Loyalty programs

One of the best ways to escalate customer interaction with ecommerce apps is by designing and incorporating loyalty programs into its architecture. Loyalty programs are designed for users who are using the apps for a long period. Considering the period and purchases done, a user can be rewarded with different offers or loyalty points. In fact, it can be personalized based on a metric system developed and added to the app architecture.

Loyalty programs prove to be a brilliant idea and a diversion from the app issues. Even if a consumer faces navigational confusion or any other issue, he will still use it based on the loyalty points he earned or can earn in the future.

2. Making Purchase Decisions Seamless

Making a lead to purchase something from an app is an accomplishment. However, experts suggest making the purchase pathway easier to follow as the customers will be happy to put less effort to put an order and own a product online. 

Make sure the forms are shorter and precise to avoid frustration. Some mobile operating systems offer auto-filling of such forms enabling customers to avoid this strenuous part of putting the first order. In addition, reduce and optimize the number of actions required to check out from the app with the list of purchased items. 

3. Progressive and Modern Web Applications

Progressive applications are developed for both desktops and smartphones. This is a unique application architecture that fits into all kinds of smart devices. This step will reduce friction between web applications and mobile UI applications leading to better functioning of the ecommerce platform. Moreover, the UI of a progressive app will be similar for all devices.

This step will also reduce the cost to a considerable extent, letting you add more app architecture features. The time of native apps are gone as progressive apps will be the best interface you can add to your online business profile

4. Omni-channeling

Remember that a customer’s experience will reflect from the other channels where your brand is present. Time and again, app developers focus on creating a better CX to enhance sales and positively impact the omnichannel reputation. Adding evenness to the website, application, and to a brick-and-mortar store is a must. 

This tip will help you shape the customer experience the way you want and bring an even tone to your operations. Even if a customer switches to your ecommerce website, the experience will remind him of your brand’s presence and convenience. This level of convenience will automatically escalate customer satisfaction.

5. Using Analytical Tools

Analytical tools developed by the top brands enable you to generate reports based on the application functions and features. You can monitor where and how a customer behaves online inside your app architecture. This delivers a superpower to analyze where you need some changes to make and where to enhance the CX for increasing sales.

Various ecommerce tools are used by top application development services to provide in-depth insights for developing better digital strategies and for making informed decisions.

Final Words

All these tips can be used to enhance CX and to boost sales through your ecommerce application when you hire the best app development service. Proper market research, competition analysis, consumer behavior, consumer demography, etc will lead to a better app development platform. Use these tips to make the consumer experience of your ecommerce app better and generate sales. Get shared online for user convenience and increase the user base considerably. 

Author Bio: Jafar Sadhik

Jafar is a passionate digital marketer possessing in-depth knowledge in the fields like SaaS tools, CX, churn statistics, and others. He loves to read books during leisure time and is a great admirer of Agatha Christie’s works.