5 Tips to Find the Right Commercial Demolition Contractors

Finding a commercial demolition contractor in Melbourne is in no way a difficult task as there are just so many demolition companies out there. But picking the right one amongst them all is definitely a hard nut to crack. But you don’t have to worry because from our demolition experts in Melbourne we have brought you 6 tips to find the right demolition partner for your commercial demolition project. Go through them and trust only the best company to fulfill your demolition needs. 

  1. Look for experience and expertise

When it comes to being skilled in the field of demolition, experience does really matter. The experience that you have in the field echoes your credibility and reflects the expertise that a team might have acquired over the course of the years. Also, they need to be fully insured and have all the necessary licenses to be a company that you can trust with all your commercial demolition works. So, before deciding on a demolition company in Melbourne, make sure you do thorough research regarding their experience, expertise, and qualifications. 

Questions that you need to ask your demolition contractors. 

  • How long have they been working in the industry?
  • Do they work in accordance with the Victorian safety standards and regulations?
  • Do they have prior experience of undertaking a similar project?
  • Is their team fully insured?
  • Do they have all the necessary licenses including VBA and EPA registrations?
  • Do they have any violations or warnings on their track record?
  1. Consider the services they offer 

When you finally make a decision to engage with a commercial demolition company in Melbourne, you need to make sure that the services that they provide are comprehensive and cover all aspects of demolition work. This is to ensure that you get your money’s worth and don’t have to later burn your head trying to fulfill certain demolition requirements by yourself. 

Will they assist you with acquiring demolition permits? 

To even start with your demolition project, there are certain legal requirements that you need to fulfill, this includes acquiring demolition permits from the council. And doing this without the assistance of your demolition contractor would mean a lot of work from your end. So, make sure that you enquire about the assistance that they offer on this end. 

Will they clean up the demolition waste once the demolition work is done?

Imagine having to clean up the demolition waste by yourself or having to hire someone to do that for you. But with the right commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne, you will never have to engage in something of this sort as they will not only clean up your site of any debris but also get it recycled as every environmentally responsible company must. So, make sure to know about their stand on this front and include this in the terms of your contract. 

Do they offer partial demolition, strip outs, and asbestos removal services? 

Commercial demolition doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete one. It can be a partial one where you need to demolish a part of your commercial structure and you could even be looking for a strip out or asbestos removal. So, before deciding on a commercial demolition company in Melbourne, have a clear picture regarding what services you need and see if the company you are considering specializes in them all. 

  1. What safety measures do they undertake? 

When it comes to demolition work of all scales, there are a lot of risks involved. But you can keep them all at bay and safely slide through the demolition work if undertaken while taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures. To be doubly sure on this part, brief your demolition contractors regarding the requirements of your site, so they can adopt all the safety measures required for your project. This includes taking noise and dust control measures and even having liability insurance so that in case of a mishap or an accident, the liability of it doesn’t fall on your shoulders. 

  1. Go through their client testimonials 

To test the credibility of any service provider, nothing could be a more honest source than their client testimonials. Try to contact their past clients or go through the client testimonials section on their website to get an overview regarding their track record. This will help you make the final decision and help answer several questions like:

  • If the service they provide is of superior quality. 
  • Do they deliver work on time? 
  • Do they offer a cost-effective commercial demolition service?
  • Do they work as per the industry standards and regulations?  
  1. Know about their policy on subcontracting

When you hire a demolition company in Melbourne to undertake your commercial project, you are trusting them with your work based on their experience and expertise. That is exactly why you need to ensure that they are not subcontracting your work and hiring third parties to undertake some parts or whole of your work. In such a case your work might be undertaken not while adopting the best techniques, equipment, and measures and can lead to a fall in the quality of work. So, before you sign the contract make sure you crosscheck their policies regarding subcontracting. 

Follow these tips and you are all set to hire the best commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne for your demolition work. Also, your search doesn’t have to go anywhere farther than here because with us at Merhi Group all your demolition needs will find an answer. We have over 25 years of experience fulfilling client requirements of all kings and therefore you can trust us with all your demolition needs. To know more about us and the services that we offer, get in touch with us at Merhi Group. 

Jennifer Alex

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