5 tips to ensure the safety of tow truck

There are surfeit of risks associated with being a tow truck driver. The size of the truck is big enough to be handled by a driver while keeping an eye on other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, those who drive tow trucks often have to meet an accident while performing their duty. When it comes to driving a truck, it is a huge responsibility that requires the driver to be extra cautious and smart. We have come up with some safety tips for drivers that will definitely help them prevent accident and stay protected in the event of accident.

  • Don’t Overload the truck:

There is a specific limit of the weight a tow truck can safely tow. The driver of the truck should be smart enough to assess the capability of his truck in terms of weight it can easily drag. The driver can also consult the manufacturer of the truck for an accurate assessment of the truck and the weight that can be loaded on it. Many tow truck drivers put their life at risk by loading their trucks with weight that is beyond their capacity. Due to overload, sometimes the truck gives in in the middle of the road causing so many problems for the driver.

  • Use additional rear view mirrors:

Tow trailers and all other trucks which are gigantic are not so easy to drive on the road. The driver is in the need to constantly monitor the vehicle he is towing but, he cannot see backwards. So, a better rear view mirror is important. Although, every truck comes with back view mirrors, towing trucks must be given additional mirrors for the safety of the driver. The towing mirror increases the ability of the towing truck driver to have a backward view and thus, ensures safety of everyone on the road and find the right type towing mirrors in Australia

  • Be more visible:

It is essential for every driver on the road to remain visible. However, it is even more important for a tow truck driver to be seen because such as huge vehicle may not be able to withstand collision due to high momentum. Drivers are recommended to use flashlights when they are on the road. However, they should also be made to wear fluorescent vest that will glare making them more visible on the road

  • Get licensed:

It might look like a very easy job to tow a vehicle. However, it is not since it requires the expertise and knowledge of the driver to perform his job. Make sure that the driver gets proper training and gets licensed before hitting the road as a professional driver

  • Drive carefully:

Just because a tow truck is slow in pace due to its size and the weight it tows does not mean the driver is not mandated to follow common driving rules such as maintaining a distance, avoiding jamming hard on the brakes or staying within the speed limit. The driver should be able to protect himself and everyone present on the road around him