The selection of a perfume is quite personal as each person has his taste and preferences. It is you who needs to make the final selection before choosing a perfume. The kind of perfume we wear tells a lot about our personality and influences our mood. Due to the many new trends in the market like niche perfumes and varieties in perfumes, people often get confused regarding selecting the right scents, brands, designs, etc. For all the people who are planning to buy perfume go through our tips that will help you choose the right perfume for men and women.

Choose central perfumes that have different notes that make up the scent and these notes are made up of three different layers including top, middle and base notes. All these layers are combined for creating a magical fragrance. All fragrances belong to a major fragrance group. For example, if a perfume is mostly a floral scent, it will be noted as ‘floral,’ so make sure to read the top, middle and base notes to get a better idea of the perfume that suits your taste and personality.

Look at the Concentration

Mostly, perfumes come in two main forms including Eau de perfume and eau de toilette. Eau de perfume uses more oil, thus they are more premium. But they can retain longer than and eau de toilette. At Khadlaj, most of our perfumes are Eau de perfume which means they have a higher concentration of perfume oil which last up to 48 hours.

If you look at our perfumes online store you can find a great variety of niche perfumes at our Khadlaj Perfumes online store. Our perfumes are more powerful and give long-lasting results. Thus always look for the concentration and kind of preferences used in perfumes.

Test the fragrance

Always ask to test a fragrance before purchasing it. You can apply a little fragrance on your pulse points to understand its fragrance. Doing this helps you know whether they are suitable for you or not.

Neutralize the sense of smell

At the time of doing perfume shopping, we all smell a bunch of different fragrances which might overload the nasal receptors. Thus, it is suggested to reset them by sniffing something neutral like coffee beans. Doing so will neutralize the smelling sense and help make a better decision.

Allow some time for the fragrance to be effective

When applying the fragrance, don’t come to any conclusion immediately, rather check the fragrance by wearing it. Analyze the top, middle and base notes to see how good the perfume is as many times, the base notes take more than an hour to be effective on the skin.


Hope the tips mentioned above help you make the right decision to buy the right perfume for men & women.

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