5 tips to celebrate your kids birthday this lockdown

The lockdown has forced all of us to move indoors and that has not just affected our daily routines but also, the special things we had planned for our loved ones. We all love celebrating birthdays, be it ours or our loved ones, well, it is a milestone that deserves celebration. However, since most of us will have to celebrate our birthdays from home. But that doesn’t mean the birthdays have to be boring, here we will show you how you can plan interesting online activities for kids on their very special day. 

These are the top 5 tips to celebrate your kid’s birthday this lockdown, using fun-loving games, family time and specially designed art and craft for kids. 

  1. Playing games with the entire family

The lockdown has not just left us worn out and tired, in some places where it has brought people closer, the work from home routines usually leave the kids feeling unattended. So maybe this birthday you could take the day off and spend a quality afternoon with your kids playing their favourite games and watching their favourite movies together. 

  1. Family fancy dress competition 

Little kids are the simplest, they love stories and they love to dress up as their favourite characters, so maybe this lockdown birthday could be spiced up with a family fancy dress competition. Dress up like your kids favourite Disney Princess Or favourite Disney character and just laugh the day off. 

  1. Creative DIY day

Another very interesting way in which you could celebrate your kid’s special day is by getting creative, making cards and origamis and all the things they love. Is it a place where you can find brilliant sources for such art and craft for kids, you could fix them up a date activity calendar or take a moment to teach them more about our biodiversity by using the DIY Ocean Sensory body right? 

  1. Bake them a birthday cake

The best way to make a child happy is by offering them sugar, right? Jokes apart, kids love cakes and they love hanging out with their parents and doing things that the parents do, well this might be just the chance you have to make them feel all grown up and also spend a lot of quality time with your babies. Doesn’t that just sound amazing? You could bake their favourite foods and talk about their favourite things; the key is to spend as much quality time with them as possible.

  1. A virtual birthday party (best way to meet friends and family)

No matter what age one gets, a meaningful birthday wish from all of our loved ones will always leave us feeling warm and giddy. And aren’t video calls just the flavour of the season? Lockdown may not let you invite your friends over but still, you could have a virtual get together and play games, have a dance-off and plan other online activities for kids.