5 Tips on Running an IG Fundraising Campaign

Instagram has surged in popularity in the last years. Even though it was bought by Facebook, the platform sends a different vibe, compared with Facebook. Instagram and Facebook are social media platforms that can help you get your business to the next level. Thanks to technology, many businesses and nonprofits can have access to a large pool of followers.

But Instagram is very different from Facebook. The emphasis is put on the visuals rather than on text. Moreover, Instagram is the social media platform that has the highest engagement. Even though Instagram users are mostly youngsters, it is the perfect environment to reach them.

Running an Instagram fundraising campaign is the right choice for many nonprofits. It is different from a recurring campaign, although there are many common marketing principles applied. Deciding to organize a fundraising campaign can be challenging for many nonprofits. Yet, it is a nice opportunity to get the support of your target audience and followers.

So, which are the best tips that can help you organize a successful Instagram fundraising campaign? Now that this functionality has been added to Instagram too, why not use it? Here are five tips that will help you nail it from the beginning.

Updated Profile

When deciding to run an Instagram fundraising campaign, it is important to upgrade your profile. If for example, you decide to advertise your fundraising campaign, people who will click on your username to check your profile need to get all the information from there.

If you have a personal profile, it would be better to switch to a business account. Business accounts of Instagram offer you insights on your followers’ most active times and demographics.

Moreover, you can add a link in your bio and also a call to action to encourage people to donate to your cause.

The internet is full of scams and people begin to be pretty reticent when it comes to donating money. The more detailed your profile will be, the more credible it will be. Having a business profile for your nonprofit will also help you raise awareness about your cause and make it known to your target audience.

Build Your Strategy

Many organizations that start a fundraising campaign on Instagram know their goal, which is simple. They want to raise a specific amount of money. If the final sum is large, the campaign will surely last at least one month. But during the time your fundraising campaign is active, you can use it to raise awareness on other topics.

A fundraising strategy is not only about raising money and having a few reminder posts. If you do this, people will think that you are here just for the money. A well-built strategy around a fundraising campaign can bring your brand or organization so much more benefits.

A fundraising strategy should include your goal and the action that will help you reach that goal. Simply organizing the campaign and letting it sit there will not help you raise any money. Instead, deciding what communication channels you use to reach your target audience is essential.

Moreover, the way you choose to send the message is also important. Will you do it through regular posts and stories? How do these look? Will you use photos, videos, or Instagram Reels? Thinking about these details will help you build a cohesive fundraising campaign with a unitary message and look, advises Janina, a writer at Australian Writing.

Progress Share

One of the things that can encourage people to donate to your cause is sharing your campaign progress. Expecting to instantly raise the sum of money you are looking for is an unrealistic expectation. Fundraising campaigns might last because it takes time for people to find out about it.

Posting constant updates about your progress and adding calls to action will help you spread awareness about your fundraising campaign. Moreover, you can encourage those who donated to share this on their profile. Their friends will feel more encouraged to follow their example and so, many people can find out about your campaign over time.

Do Not Forget About Hashtags

Hashtags might be one of the greatest functionality social media platforms offer to spread awareness on some topics. To increase engagement on your posts and have people donate to your cause, you could use hashtags. Instagram has introduced the option of following a hashtag, so now you can reach more people.

Before adding hashtags you think are the most relevant to your cause and posts, you could research. Many people feel that if they add five lines of text full of hashtags will drive more traffic to their posts. But you should aim for quality over quantity. The sweet spot is somewhere around seven hashtags.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories might be one of the best tools Instagram offers you. Even though stories last only 24 hours, they can be saved in highlights and accessed any time from your profile. When you choose to add information or pictures to your IG story is important.

The best moments would be at the start of your campaign, to make it known to your followers. During the campaign, you can share more details about your cause, the progress of your campaign, or the people behind it. Keep in mind that you need to show your real face to help people get closer to you.

Moreover, you can now add the donations sticker to your story and remind people of your fundraising campaign. And of course, at the end of your campaign, you can show your love and appreciation for those who supported your cause and also share a few statistics or interesting details.


Running an IG fundraising campaign may seem challenging, but there are a few things you need to consider. The way your profile is built, the calls to action you add to your bio have a great impact on the first impression people form on your brand.

It is important to not forget about hashtags, to post regular updates on your progress, and use IG stories to their maximum capacity. Do not forget about building your fundraising strategy to make sure you will accomplish your goal.