5 Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for the First Dental Exam

The first dental examination is a serious and responsible event in the life of a young family. The fear of dentistry comes from our childhood because it is known that the cause of this fear in most adults is a bad dental treatment experience in the past. That is why the first visit to the dentist’s office is very important. Ensure that it will not leave an unpleasant imprint in the child’s memory because it can easily transform into a fear of dentistry. That’s why we gathered these five tips on how to prepare your child for the first dental exam.

1. Everything has its time

Don’t postpone your first visit to the dentist’s office until the baby has real dental problems. The most appropriate time for this is when first teeth erupt. During the first visit to dentistry, the child will study the environment and the doctor. The pediatric dentist will perform a routine examination to see in what condition the teeth and gums are. However, even if the doctor will find any problems with teeth, treatment should be postponed until the next visit. This means that the child will have only positive memories of dentistry and the next time will agree to visit the Dentist in Seattle without any problems. 

Dental check-ups should be performed every six months. Your child will get used to regular visits and will not be afraid of dental treatment in the future. This will help prevent the formation of tooth decay or other possible problems with teeth and gums.

2. Keep calm

You should understand that before the first visit to the dentist’s office, the child has no fear of dental treatment because he or she doesn’t know anything about this. In most cases, this fear is instilled by the parents. Don’t make this common mistake. First and foremost, you should calm down because your child may notice your fear. Moreover, you shouldn’t focus on the importance and unpleasantness of the event and the kid will not be nervous and frightened.

3. Play with your child

A good way to prepare your kid for the first dental exam is to play games on the dental subjects at home. Treat the teeth of a bunny or a doll and during the game tell the child what kind of manipulations the doctor performs and how to behave in the dental office. The story should be interesting, fascinating and calming. When you tell a story about dentistry, avoid words and that can scare your kid. It is better to replace such words with more simple and understandable. The child will have an idea of ​​what awaits him or her in the dentist’s office.

4. Be honest

The situation when the child has never been to the dentist but there are some dental issues is more complicated. First of all, you shouldn’t lie to your kid and say that it will not hurt if the treatment is really painful because the child will experience stress not only due to visiting the dentist’s office but also because of lie. Moreover, it will be difficult to earn a child’s trust in the future. It’s better to honestly say that it will be a little unpleasant, but you will cope with it together. You can also tell your kid about the pleasant events that they will attend after the exam and treatment.

5. Feed your child and stay close

On the day of the dental exam, your child should sleep well and be in a good mood. Be sure to feed the child before going to the dentist’s office, especially if your kid requires treatment. During the treatment stay close to your child and encourage him or her. This may attract the child from pain and discomfort.

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