5 tips on creating stunning real estate videos


Now a day with the advancement of social media everything sells on its appealing appearance. If you are related to any marketing company you must know the importance of advertisement for any product to target your audience. If the advertisement appealed to the audience then the product will become a hot selling product.

Videos and any ad are highly attractive and caught people’s eyes. So whenever you searched anything on Google search engine the result showed with a visual clip that instantly explains everything about the searched item.  According to an estimate it is mentioned that in upcoming years everything on the internet will be in video form and the internet’s 74% traffic will be video.

If we talk about the real estate industry, they advertise their items to attract their buyers by attracting videos. Selling real estate things through videos you have to make it different from your competitors. By now advertising through video is becoming an essential tool for marketing. Checkout more videography tips here.

When we think of real estate video, our minds instantly make an image of beautiful houses along with its interior and everything related to this. And that’s definitely a big part of things. The real magic of these videos are they give your audience a feeling of their presence in the home and you made a rough sketch of it in your mind by just visiting their website. There are also some other types of videos that are highly impactful when it comes to selling real estate. Videos that sell you, that outlines your point-of-difference from your competitors and these are game-changers. These can be genuine recordings of you or enlivened recordings that use details, infographics, and appealing figure. Including a uniquely, customized video to your site can significantly expand your chances of getting a page one positioning in Google. Additionally, it’s said that points of arrival with video have up to 800% more prominent change rates than similar pages without video; and recordings are shared 1200% more than connections and text joined.

  • How basic are land recordings with regards to making
  • Video postings get definitely a larger number of hits than your normal posting stills.
  • Videos/clips keep most guests on sites multiple times longer than those without.

Tips for making real estate video

You can make absolutely beautiful Listing Videos within a few minutes! Short, HD-quality property videos from the similar listing photos you use in the MLS in a few minutes.

The impression the value of real estate video gives prospective clients creates an overall view of an agent as someone who can effectively serve their needs. Check more videography tips here.

Best practices for creating a real estate video includes

  • Set your budget
  • Set a plan
  • Make your videos more natural
  • Cover each and every angle
  • Try to make clips that show the lifestyle along with the property
  • Utilizing the correct equipment.
  • Gathering sufficient footage.
  • Developing a clear, effective message.
  • Starring agents playing an appropriate role.
  • A final video with a short, but adequate length.
  • Interview videos
  • Informational Videos
  • Local business review videos
  • “About me”/agent profile videos
  • Neighborhood videos
  • Community event videos
  • Testimonial videos