5 Tips How to Sleep Better (and Why You Need To)

Not getting enough sleep sucks.

Not only are you tired and irritable the next day, but the long term effects of sleep deprivation are downright scary. Lack of sleep can lead to memory issues, weight gain, and even more accidents.

There are steps you can take to sleep better. Better sleep leads to better days. Meaning quality sleep can leave you happier and healthier.

Ready to set yourself up for success with tips for sleeping better tonight? Let’s go!

1. Create a Sleep Routine

Creating a routine that you practice before bed each day is a great way to signal to your body that you are ready for sleep. Similar routines each day can help create patterns in your body and brain so that they both know its time for bed.

2. Use Light the Right Way

Exposure to bright lights or lights from screens before bed can mess with your natural sleep rhythm and signals. Make sure that you dim lights before going to bed. Try to stay off your phone and away from the tv.

You can also use lights in the morning to help you wake up easier. Bright lights in the morning can help your brain wake up quicker and easier. Some lights are even designed to slowly brighten your room as the sun would.

If your schedule does not stick to normal hours during the day, you may be trying to sleep while the sun is out. Blackout curtains can help block out the sun and help you get to sleep on time.

3. Banish Snoring

If snoring is a consistent problem for you, sleep apnea may be the culprit. Difficulty breathing while you sleep is a common ailment and can easily be treated with CPAP or other breathing machines.

Check out Silent Night Therapy for more options on how you can sleep more soundly with sleep apnea treatments.

4. Quality Bedding Counts

Make sure that where you are sleeping is just as cozy as how you go about sleeping. Natural materials like cotton, are best for regulating your temperature as you sleep.

Look into heated or cooling options for your bed if you know that you tend to sleep hot or cold. Keeping your body temperature even throughout the night is important for even and restful sleep.

5. Use Natural Sleep Supplements

If all else fails, quality sleep can be improved by simple and natural supplements. Herbs like valerian or chamomile can help calm your mind without being habit-forming.

A soothing cup of sleepy-time tea before bed can help you relax and unwind before hitting the hay. This simple step can be an easy way to start your nighttime routine off right.

Sleep Better Tonight

Use these easy steps to sleep better now. Quality sleep is crucial to function throughout the day. Lack of sleep not only affects your mood but also your brain and body’s ability to complete your everyday tasks.

Check out other content on living well and feeling better. Small changes can help you make big steps toward a better life!