5 Tips For The Best Halong Bay Cruise Price

If you plan to have a trip to Halong Bay and want to find out about the Halong Bay cruise price, here are useful tips to minimize your spending. 

Halong Bay has always been an appealing destination for many tourists. The beautiful nature and professional services of the cruise lines attract more and more foreigners to come.

Finding the junk boat and itinerary that fits your budget is a priority in setting up a perfect travel plan. Read our article for the best tips on choosing the best Halong Bay cruise price.

Older Boats Get Cheaper Fares 

It’s a norm that the older boats have cheaper fares, and it’s easy to understand. Go for the older cruise if you want to have a better Halong Bay cruise price. It’s possible to find the information about the cruise and the year it was launched to decide what cruise to take. You can search on their website or consult through a travel agent. 

The one minus point of choosing the old boats is they can be smaller and don’t have as many decks and entertainment as the newer ones. However, you don’t need to worry about safety and security. All cruises are guaranteed to provide tourists with a wonderful and safe journey. Try to book your trip earlier to select the most suitable cabin and itinerary. 

Which Cruise Line Has The Best Halong Bay Cruise Price? 

Many cruise lines offer tours to Halong Bay. The itineraries are diverse, with the plans to visit different highlighted attractions and unique activities. It’s possible to find the cheapest cruises on the internet by yourself or through a travel agent. 

In terms of an affordable price, there are some outstanding names such as Glory Legend Cruise, Swan Cruises, and Oriental Sails. The average price is around $120 or less, which is very reasonable for budget travel. These cruises have a long development history and are professional in the field.

Various cabin types are available, and you can witness the beautiful nature right in your room. The crews are well-trained, and the service is excellent. They all receive positive feedback from customers, guaranteeing you will have a desirable trip. 

In addition, if you don’t mind stretching your budget more, there are many more options available for your choice. Contact the cruises or the travel agency for the most suitable deal. 


Best Valued Months 

Another tip you may want to consider to catch the best Halong Bay cruise price is choosing to travel during the off-season months. Usually, local people tend to travel in summer as the schools are off. You’d better avoid these months so you may not be involved in the high peak tourism season and pay higher fares.

The recommended time to travel to the bay is from November to February. There’s a chance that the cruises will offer cheaper prices. Plus, it will not be too crowded so you can have more freedom to enjoy the stunning scenery. Since it’s off-season, the service will likely be better as the cruise can take care of each customer more easily. 

Last-Minute Deals Don’t Really Matter

Looking for a last-minute deal is actually not a way to get the best Halong Bay cruise price. The last-minute deals are only suitable for you if your luggage is packed, you can go at the time it notices (usually very rushed), and most importantly, you are close to the port. If you live outside of the country, definitely it’s not a good choice since you need to book the flight to come. Even if you are inside Vietnam, it’s not a good idea to put yourself in a passive situation. 

A last-minute deal usually doesn’t offer you a lot of choices. Meanwhile, there are many interesting itineraries to explore the stunning Halong Bay you may want to consider. The deal also can not provide you with the type of cabin you may like. In general, you are not free to choose but need to depend on the deal. It may bring you more suffering than enjoyment if you are picky about the itineraries, cabin, etc. 

Don’t waste your amazing journey by taking the last-minute deal. Booking in advance gives you more flexibility and assurance. Besides, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the capacity is full or not; the cruise will sail. 

Travel Agent Helps A Lot

Do you want to save your valuable time and money while having a desired free-worry journey? Then, travel agents are there for your needs. You’ll have many benefits when you connect with a travel agent.

Since they are experienced in the field, they know the market and can easily find a tour that meets your requirements. A travel agent usually has more resources and access to different tools and deals that you can not find by yourself. That’s why through them, sometimes, you can have a better deal, or better seat, or plan the activities you wish.

Travel Agent
A travel agent can help a lot

Nobody can be more helpful than the travel agents if you want to find the cheapest price. They have relations with their supplier partners, so it’s easy to understand why they can match the Halong Bay cruise price with your budget. Some added values are offered to you if you work with an agent, such as a free drink on board. 

Lastly, travel agents are usually professional and responsible. When you have trouble, they will not stay out of it. A good travel agent will try their best to solve the issue and bring your trip back on track.

We hope you are clear about how to find the best Halong Bay cruise price. If you are still pondering about having a good deal, try to get the best cruise price at BestPrice Travel. We offer lots of choices and can assist you in finding the most suitable one that assures you will have a wonderful trip ever. 

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