5 Tips For Students: How Not To Lose Knowledge During This Pandemic

Many educators are referring to the difficulties students are facing with studies due to the long pandemic situation. Online learning is not compatible with many students in several states. Due to the lack of electronic gadgets and the internet in rural areas, students suffer due to their studies.

Therefore, during this long break from classroom learning, chances are they might forget the material learned previously. Research by American psychologists has shown that after a break in studies for 10 weeks, it will take at least 6 weeks to regain the knowledge gained. And at least 25% of the knowledge gained will be lost.

Let’s consider how to avoid this situation.


From junior courses, students need to learn how to work independently in the study of each subject. During this pandemic, it is useful to review the curriculum for the next year and find information on each discipline. Those who do not have connection problems can use the Internet to communicate in chats with senior students and teachers.

There is a lot of free time that a student can utilize in reading literature on the future specialty and eliminating existing gaps in knowledge. This can be done in a comfortable environment, at home without strict time limits.

Development Of Practical Skills

This is a good time to acquire and develop practical skills related to future specialty. For example, an economics student might write a business plan for a family business. Prospective physicians can work temporarily in hospitals as nursing staff or take part in volunteer programs.

If there are difficulties in mastering any subject, you can hang bright stickers around the apartment with language rules, physical formulas, etc. They will constantly attract attention, which is good for their memorization.

Well, if you have to write a dissertation, this is the right time for completing it. By acquiring writing skills, you can write it on your own. Otherwise, you will have to contact the experts and ask for help by saying write my dissertation UK. You can yourself become a real writing expert by practicing daily.

Additional Training On Courses

It is interesting and informative to get additional knowledge by reading books and articles. In this way, a student will not only stay attached to the studies but also learn new concepts. This will be helpful when you get back to campus.

While staying at home these days, you can register for online learning courses. There are many courses available nationally and internationally on various subjects. You can take advantage of the current situation and make the most of learning out of it. You can also watch video lessons from leading teachers in various disciplines.

Combination of Recreation and Learning

Relaxing opens the mind for absorbing new knowledge. For those students who run away from the studies, there are many educational games available for them. Such as quiz, spelling, making new word games will help students get knowledge.

To not forget what you have learned, it is important to include the course questions in your quiz games.

Revise The Old Syllabus

To not forget the previous knowledge, it is important to revise them once in 14 days. This will not only improve your learning capabilities but also improve your memory. By revising the old concepts, you can always get hold of new concepts better.

Make this a habit to read and revise the previous subjects in your free time. Reading more will also improve your writing skills, and you will do well without any assignment help from others.

Vacations With Benefit

Thus, you can spend this time to improve your knowledge and professional skills.

3 factors facilitate this:

  • Work in the specialty and obtaining practical skills in the family and the everyday world.
  • Communication, including social networks, regarding study with peers and senior students.
  • Self-education and self-preparation for the next academic year. It is good to prepare yourself for the next courses.

Final Words

In this way, you will not only remember the previous knowledge but also learn new concepts. You can learn additional skills such as a foreign language or a programming language online. The certificates will significantly highlight the portfolio and resume in the competition for a job.


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