5 Tips for Secure File Sharing

Securing your work files can be really challenging because any leak can put your and your client’s stakes at risk: Privacy, digital credentials, sensitive records, and many valuable pieces of information. That’s why secure file sharing needs to be practiced with caution within your organization.

By using a trusted solution that shares files directly from your file servers you can minimize 99% of the risk; however, you still need some guidelines to perfectly secure your files from being stolen or compromised.

Do follow them, and be secure from thefts.

Here are 5 things for you!

Avoid USB’s

Major data leaks often happen due to USBs. One can lose them easily. Plus, it’s hard to erase data from them. Once it’s there, it’s impossible to remove from it. Specialized data tools can recover data from USBs even after months of deletion.

If anyone gets his hands on your USB, everything in it is at his discretion. That’s why top organizations ban USBs in secure locations.

Share files in a password-protected encryption

Novice organizations allow their employees to share files directly without encryption. Anyone with access to the system can read them and use them. It’s a matter of time when the culprit gets the chance. So, encryption is the best defense against it. Share files with encryption and use a strong password. This way, no one but the designated person can have access to it.

Train your employees

A lot of leaks happen due to the mishandling of files by careless employees. That’s why you have to educate your employees fully. Tell them about security protocol. Make them follow it. Plus, inform them about the consequences of any leak of data.

When your employees understand properly the sensitivity of your operation, then they will try to minimize every possible leak that can jeopardize your whole operation and puts you at stake.

Employ smart file sharing solutions

File sharing security is always in demand, and every organization should have it. For that, many solutions are available. Some provide end-to-end encryption, and some present double encryption and two-layer protection. So, search for smart solutions and get the best one for your organization.

But before choosing a secure file sharing platform, you must evaluate them. Know all possible detail, pros, cons, and prices. Next, choose the one that benefits you the most.