5 Tips for Making Your Business ADA Accessible

Making buildings compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been a requirement for business since the 1990s. The main aim is to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. The ADA Act stipulates measures that business owners must follow to make it easy for people with disabilities to access their premises.


Whether you are constructing a new facility or renovating an existing one, it is always important to ensure that people with disabilities can access your building. Most business owners tend to ignore ADA protocols due to the costs associated with compliance.


Do away with architectural barriers


Start by identifying external and internal architectural barriers that may make it difficult for disabled people to access your premise. For example, create space where disabled persons can pass through using wheelchairs or crutches.


You should also create designated parking spots and elevators for people with disabilities. If it is impractical to eliminate structural barriers, then try to look for other alternative ways.


You can also talk to an ADA compliance official to help you identify things that make your business or building non-compliant. He or she will definitely suggest better solutions.


Get an accessible door


Since it is the entry point to almost every business premise, it is important to have to look for a customized commercial door that will allow disabled people to enter and exit without struggling. Sometimes it may be difficult to get a ready-made door. In such a case you can talk to your carpenter to create one for you.


Use comfortable furniture


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses and offices use furniture, particularly tables that are of standard height. They should also have a lot of space underneath such that a person using crutches or a wheelchair cannot bump their knees or legs.


Ensure that you have customized or electronic adjustments that can encourage flexibility for different types of users.


Put clear signage


Properly displaying ADA signs is one of the best ways to effectively communicate with disabled people. Ensure that you keep the fonts a bit large and clear without forgetting braille lettering. This will make it easier for any person coming to your business to access any room without a problem.


It is also important to ensure that the positioning, finishing, and legitimacy adhere to sign standards stipulated by the ADA. The symbols should also be placed at least five feet above the ground and six inches away from the strike of the door. Don’t forget to update signage regularly.


Upgrade your restrooms


Try and install safety rails that are compliant with ADA. Check to see that the height of the bathroom and other accessories are up to standard and can accommodate disabled people comfortably. You may also decide to merge two stalls and create one big unisex lavatory.


The main objective is to ensure that any disabled person visiting your business can comfortably respond to a nature call or move around more conveniently. Remember that it is not more of a legal requirement rather than a favor to your customers.


Bottom line


As a business owner, you should have all types of customers in mind when constructing your business promise. Remember you don’t have control of the people coming into your workplace. That’s why it is good to ensure everybody, including the disabled can operate comfortably while in your business area.


Additionally, it is a legal requirement that all businesses in the United States are supposed to adhere to. Although complying with the ADA protocols might seem a daunting task, it is a simple process that you can accomplish.