5 tips for learning data science online

Acquiring a data science degree from a university is a wonderful undertaking. With the Covid vaccines in circulation across the globe we can hope that students will get the full taste of on campus education very soon. The hustle and bustle of the campuses, large staircases, massive lecture halls, all have a charm that can never be matched by the online experience. Nevertheless, an online data science course is extremely utilitarian. If you are looking for a quick upgrade of your skills without spending a lot of time and money on an offline university course, an online course is the right fit.

Moving through the flood of choices

First challenge you must overcome is spotting the best fit for you from a large number of online data science courses on offer. You need a way of eliminating certain choices in order to arrive at the best fit.


The first, natural consideration for a lot of students is the expense. You should definitely look for pocket friendly options and discounts but always ensure you are getting the full value for money. Spending a small amount of money on a course that does not help you is a waste after all.


A good data science course in Delhi, Bangalore, or Pune, will showcase the detailed curriculum of a particular training programme. You should also look for free demonstrative classes, it will help you gauge the effectiveness of the lessons for yourself.


Check the faculty members out online. Learn about them from former students or peers. People active in the industry come with a unique insight about the industry – what works and what does not.

Hands on training

You need a course that teaches through practice. You should be employable by the time you finish the course and that is only possible when you have worked on real time projects.

Preparing yourself for the undertaking

You can find the best data science course in Delhi and yet fall on your face when faced with a real time challenge with high stakes. You can take a few steps to avoid such a situation. Build a strong foundation in coding. Data science operatives with Python skills are always in high demand.

Look at the work done by other data scientists. Understand the source code behind analytical capabilities formulated by them. If you find yourself at a stage where you can understand and evaluate the source code behind projects, you can pat your back and get ready for the following undertaking.

Learning case studies, strengthening coding capabilities, and most importantly understanding the business case behind a data science initiative are very important for your growth as a data science professional. All of these apply for offline courses, but the onus of responsibility is more upon you when you are learning online.