5 Tips for Increasing Your Business Productivity

If you want to improve productivity, you must first identify the most critical challenges facing your company. In the beginning, clearly define your goals and implement a transparent system that allows you to collect, process and analyze data on the company’s work.


Individual departments must cooperate closely with each other and exchange information in order to effectively carry out the tasks entrusted to them. It is important that each employee feels that they have an impact on the company’s development. Therefore, in order to make improvements, build strong team commitment.


High productivity can be the key to a company’s financial success. Unfortunately, many actions implemented to improve it do not bring results. In this article, you will learn how to increase your business productivity with a few useful solutions.


Make Communication Easy


When striving for development and optimization, you should think about setting up a PBX system, to create an internal telephone network for your company. You can find one at Yeastar.com and deliver consistent communication with a few clicks. By doing so, you can quickly make gains in both cost-savings and efficiency.


Lack of communication can be harmful to a company. A PBX system makes it possible to hold internal calls for company employees within the company’s telephone network, and at the same time handles regular telephone traffic – incoming calls from outside the company and outgoing ones. Thus, while maintaining high security of the company’s information, efficient communication with external entities is not disrupted.


Recognition and Rises


Raises and bonuses are necessary to retain employees in the company and to express thanks for a job well done. If the wage is too low,employees will be dissatisfied and may perform their job poorly or even leave.


This does not mean, however, that every time we give an employee a higher salary, his productivity increases. A pay rise will only have a positive impact if the change in salary is linked to increased productivity. Forget about rewards that are directly proportional to the length of service; give bonuses only for particularly effective activities that exceed the assumed standards.


In practice, therefore, it is necessary first to set goals to be attained by the employee, and only when he has achieved them, raise the remuneration. Linking remuneration with work efficiency allows you to increase the financial burden safely for the company. The employee costs you more, but at the same time, performs more tasks, so the company’s profit also grows.


Automate Processes


Incorporating technology into your firms’ operations is going to help you manage your time in a more efficient way. Productivity focused software can set your calendar reminders that can be supplemented with meetings arranged by email. Reminders will keep you on track so that you have one less thing to think about.


Improving productivity with technology helps to automate some processes. A software may analyze employees productivity levels, expenditures and business goals. It will enable you to draw solid conclusions and apply an improvement plan based on your findings.


You Don’t Need All Those Meetings


Meetings are an essential aspect of the company’s operation. You can personally present new ideas and review the implementation of previous ones. However meetings can be both time intensive and have extra costs involved that aren’t so obvious.


For instance if the meeting lasts for an hour, you should take into account the hourly earnings of each employee attending. If you total up the amount you might be shocked how much this meeting is costing you. It could be that not all the people attending are necessary.

When organizing meetings, make sure that you only invite those staff who are really required.


Create a procedure that requires each team leader to create an agenda for the meeting, and ask him to familiarize participants with it. People need to know what the goal of the meeting is from the start..


If you are the moderator of the meetings, try to avoid lengthy speeches. Give everyone enough time to present their views succinctly, but do not allow pointless chat. If you notice that someone is receiving emails, has an open laptop, and is bored to his tears, it either means that they shouldn’t be there or the meeting is taking too long.




Finding a solution that is best for achieving high productivity in your company is not the easiest task. But it is worth implementing various solutions and checking their operation because this allows you to reduce unwanted costs that were previously invisible and optimize work.


Try the above suggestions and adapt them to your working environment. Remember that each employee in your company is motivated by something different, so an individual approach will always be appreciated.


Making your business more productive is sometimes a lengthy process that requires observing your current activities carefully. What does not work and consumes time today, you can eliminate tomorrow. It is enough just to notice it and act consciously.


©Paula Sieracka