5 Tips for Having Your Criminal Record Sealed

There are times when we make mistakes in our lives. Some of these mistakes will land you in jail. Your mistakes will be included in your criminal record.


A criminal record will affect your life in different ways, and you will try to look for ways to get rid of it. There are ways through which you can ensure the criminal record has disappeared.


The process of sealing the criminal record entails getting rid of segments of the criminal record. Such terms mostly apply to the records whereby a person was acquitted.


Below are tips on how the criminal record will be sealed:


  1. Ensure You’re Eligible


For starters, for your criminal record to be sealed, you should ensure that you’re eligible. The eligibility factor will vary from one state to another. For instance, in Texas, eligible people are the ones that were not convicted. Such individuals may have been found innocent, or they were pardoned.


Also, if you were charged and the case was dismissed, your criminal record can be sealed. Finally, the people who were acquitted at the trial have a high chance of ensuring their criminal record is sealed.


  1. Determine Whether the Criminal Record Can Be Dropped Easily


Most of the crimes cannot be expunged from the criminal record. Some of these crimes include criminal acts against children, sexual crimes, and violence. Ensure that you have conducted some research about the crimes that can be sealed from your criminal record.


  1. Provide the Judge with a Reason to Seal Your Criminal Record


If a person was driving under the influence of alcohol, there is a high chance that their driving license was suspended. In such an instance, you’re supposed to persuade the judge since, regardless of the circumstances, they’re the ones making the decision at the end of it all. You should ensure you’re skilled enough to convince a judge as you also come up with substantial.


  1. Showcase the Best Way You Can Take Advantage of Having a Clean History


As you persuade the court, you should showcase how much the community in general and yourself as an individual will gain from having a clean history. For example, if you were barred from leaving the nation, discuss how your loved one who’s in another nation will gain from the attention you will accord them. The reason you offer should be persuasive enough.


  1. Avoid Ripoffs and Fake Attorneys


A legal professional cannot assist in the sealing of your criminal record. However, if a lawyer is conversant with the entire procedure, they can assist with ensuring your criminal record is sealed. Ensure you’re wise about the whole thing. Also, wade of con artists who will make false promises of expediting the entire process while asking for a hefty sum of money.


There are different reasons why it is essential to have a clean criminal history. For starters, you will have some sense of reassurance. How you view yourself matters. Also, you should focus on your impact on different aspects of your life. Your interactions with family and friends can be impacted, and you will end up having low self-confidence. Your self-worth will also be harmed.


When your criminal history is erased, your civil rights will also be restored. If your sentence has been removed, you can seek employment, and you can also vie for public office. The main reason why some firms will not accept applications from former felons is because their trustworthiness levels are questionable. Nonetheless, if someone has served their jail term, it means they are now reformed.


If you need to clear your criminal history, ensure you have adhered to all the five tips listed above. For those who manage to seal their criminal records, they will have peace of mind, and they can lead a stress-free life.

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