5 Tips For Creative Promotional Marketing

Promotional products enable you to think outside the box and uniquely promote your business. They are a cost-effective way to get your brand out there, make it memorable, and reach a broad target audience. Promotional products, especially when tied to certain purchases, generate more sales and boost your returns on investment.

To see a positive impact with promotional marketing, you have to be creative and have a great marketing strategy. Check out these tips to ensure your promotional products work.

Have a consistent look and feel

If you intend to use promotional items for marketing your brand, ensure you have a consistent look across all your marketing efforts. Ensure consistency in every aspect of your business, from your website to your business cards, custom posters, flyers, postcards, mailers, and other items. Consistency is as simple as using your brand colors, the same graphic designs, and font across all your branded items to make your brand recognizable. When the promotional products you use have the same look and feel, customers can easily recognize the brand when they see it.

Use promotional products that people want.

Nothing is frustrating to a customer than being saddled with many items they will throw away when they get home. Ensure your company is not that kind of a brand by offering your customers promotional items they can find helpful. Your promotional products should be things that your customers want to use and keep for many years. It benefits your brand because the more they use the item, the more they remember your brand and even recommend it to others. You can choose quality bags, sporting goods, apparel, water bottles, mugs, and other functional promotional items.

Connect specific promotional items to target audiences

When choosing promotional products, connect them with your target audiences. Think about your audience, their interests and match the promotional items to their everyday activities. For instance, if your audience travels a lot, you can use luggage bags, tote bags, toiletry bags, water bottles, and other travel-related items as your promotional products. If your consumers are business owners, promotional items such as branded door hangers and stickers are helpful to them. If you want to endear your products to kids, use promotional products that appeal to them and avoid the items that every brand offers.

Form partnerships

Always be on the lookout for opportunities for partnerships that can benefit your marketing efforts. For instance, you can partner with another business that offers complementary products, share your goals, and tag each other for a more extensive business reach. There are many ways to form beneficial partnerships when it comes to promoting your brand.

Give away leftover promotional items.

It doesn’t hurt to give away leftover promotional items for free. For instance, if your promotional products were tied to a particular trade show or event and you won’t use them in the future, gift your customers to continue advertising your brand for free. They are better off with consumers than in a dusty storeroom.

The takeaway

Choose promotional products that are unique and not what every other company uses. Be thoughtful to your customers and ensure the products are high-quality and durable.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.