5 Tips for Choosing Your Realtor for Buying a House in Vienna

How to Choose a Realtor Buying a Property in Vienna?

Buying real estate in Austria, especially Vienna, proves to be an attractive investment. From the incredible quality of life right to excellent medical care, Austria is a fantastic place to purchase a property and live. A bonus point is the picturesque landscapes, exciting architecture, and various ski resorts.

Despite that, buying a property in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to consider location and costs, but understand new legislation. Present-day, there are no restrictions on foreigners wanting to buy a house in Vienna.

Still, before you buy property in Vienna, you need to ensure you connect with the right realtor. Here we discuss how you can make a sustainable investment in Vienna.

5 Things to Take into Consideration When Buying a Property

Here’s what you should remember when buying an apartment in Vienna:

Choosing the Right Location

The location of your property plays a significant role in defining its value, as well as the potential for quality of life. Therefore, you should ensure the neighborhood has basic amenities and features, including: 

  • Schools and shopping areas
  • Public transport options 
  • Recreational zones
  • Noise-pollution levels  and 
  • Nearby parks

Privately Owned Land VS Building Rights 

When purchasing a property in Vienna, buying building plots is not always a good idea. Land deeds rarely change, and when they do, it’s typically at extremely high prices.   

A better idea is purchasing building rights. This way, you can construct and own real estate without buying the whole land. This alternative is a more affordable option than buying a plot. However, you’ll have to pay rent and remember that leases for building rights are valid for no more than a hundred years. 

Should You Purchase a Home or an Apartment? 

According to an in-depth report by Die Presse, rental prices are increasing, especially in larger towns. Further research shows that although rents have been rising by 42%, the purchase price of properties has gone up by 76% over the last decade.  

Thus, whether you want to purchase a home or apartment depends on several factors, including;

  • Where do you want to live
  • How long will you stay
  • Whether you have money for depositing 

Keep in mind that purchasing a home often comes with additional hidden costs.  

How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of renting an apartment in Vienna is an estimated $1,811. On the flip side, research reveals that house prices in Vienna went up by 10.94% during 2021. Apart from that, you’ll have to pay the following costs when buying a house in Vienna:

  • 3.5% transfer tax on the real estate
  • 3% costs provider to the contract installers
  • 2% to 20% VAT depending on your desired property
  • 1.2% lien fees
  • 1% fee for registration
  • 0.8% costs on credit bank loans in either a contract term or a single order 
  • Certification costs 
  • Disbursements 

You can check out the prices of your desired houses on sale by venturing onto Luxury Immobilien.

Real Estate Agent or Private

Contacting a local property dealer helps you pinpoint the perfect real estate for you. In Vienna, you can access real estate agents. You can find a private market too. 

Here’s the thing; a realtor offers a plethora of perks such as in-depth knowledge about the properties, the market, save time, offer assistance with paperwork, and so much more. So, it may make sense to hire one.

Do You Need a Realtor?

Real estate agents or realtors refer to licensed professionals who advocate for your interests. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a realtor:

  • After explaining your desired apartment or house to a real estate agent, they’ll offer you pictures and information about several similar, available housing options. 
  • They’ll offer you necessary information about the neighborhood. It includes availability to shopping areas and a vast market, schools and parks in the nearby area, noise levels in the surrounding area, etc. 
  • Real estate agents are highly trained and experienced in the purchase and selling of houses. They also have in-depth knowledge about the local market. 
  • They have excellent negotiating skills and will arrange your property at the best possible costs. 
  • Realtors all  boast professional licenses and abide by a particular set of rules and guidelines.

While working with a private realtor may save you money, it poses particular risks as well. For instance, your real estate agent will not have the same level of knowledge about the neighborhood as a real estate agent. They also lack access to specialist websites and print publications. 

What to Pay Attention to When Hiring a Realtor?

Buy a house in Vienna by asking your real estate agent all the right questions. This way, you can pinpoint which real estate matches your needs. Look at the list of questions below.

How Long Have You Been a Real Estate Agent?

Seek professionals who know everything about the business and have extensive knowledge; the only experience brings knowledge, thus should look for someone with a couple of years in the industry.

What Neighborhood Do You Specialize in?

You want an agent who knows the ins and outs of your desired areas. So, seek a real estate agent who is well-acquainted with the neighborhood you’re interested in. It includes public transportation, home prices, shopping markets, safety, and cultural amenities. 

What’s Your Availability and Schedule? 

Most real estate agents work part-time. It may cause problems for you if someone else begins bidding on your desired house. 

Ideally, you should look for an agent who works full-time. In case they don’t, the agent should ensure they’ll be available for urgent matters.


Before you sign a contract confirming that you want to buy a property in Vienna, pay attention to all the intricate details. It includes the title of the property, hidden structural flaws, local rules relevant to reconstruction, furniture arrangements, and negotiations. 

If you’re buying a property in Vienna for the first time, you should consider connecting with a realtor.