5 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Services In Melbourne

Are you searching for the best SEO services in Melbourne? How much do you know about SEO? What factors should you look for in an SEO agency? Here’s everything you need to know about hiring the best agency for SEO services.

1. SEO isn’t a magic bullet

There are thousands of agencies and freelancers peddling their services as SEO professionals. They usually get the ball rolling by promising almost magical results. They offer guaranteed rankings as if they work for Google.

More often than not, they use prohibited techniques that might work for a week or two but eventually, the website loses all its rankings. In the worst-case scenario, Google removes the website from its index and the client has to start from scratch again.

In short, you should stay away from agencies promising guaranteed rankings as there is nothing guaranteed in the world of SEO.

2. Set specific goals

There are several ways to get organic traffic but all organic traffic isn’t equally valuable. If you run a restaurant, you won’t gain anything by ranking your website for animal pictures.

This is why you need to set clear goals before hiring an agency. It could be a specific increase in revenue or a specific increase in the number of phone calls you receive or a specific increase in targeted leads or any other measurable parameters.

It could also be specific rankings for specific keywords. In short, fix your goals before engaging the services of an agency.

3. Check the past results

Never hire an agency without first checking the results they’ve achieved for their clients. If the agency is unwilling to share the work they have done for other clients citing privacy or any other excuse, you should start looking for another agency.

Always look at the long-term results. Short-term rankings are not that difficult to obtain but long-term rankings tell you a lot about the quality of work done by an agency.

If the agency has been successful in ranking their clients for tough keywords for a sizeable period of time, it shows that you are dealing with a professional agency that is much more likely to produce real results for your business.

4. Pricing & Methods Transparency

Everything should be transparent about pricing and methods. Most agencies work on a project basis that typically includes a monthly retainer. Reputed agencies will always be transparent about the work they do for your website including on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, content creation, website audit, and technical audit among others.

They won’t shy away from sharing the methods they are going to employ to achieve higher organic rankings for your business. On the other hand, shady agencies aren’t completely transparent about the work done by them or the methods employed by them. Stay away from these agencies.

5. Customer reviews

Most people normally check reviews before buying a new TV or gaming console. Therefore, there is no reason for you to not check customer reviews before hiring a new agency. Ask them to share the details of a few past or existing clients. Talk to those clients to learn more about their customer service, communication and results. Never hire an agency without first checking customer reviews.

Final Thoughts

A simple search will help you discover there are hundreds of agencies offering SEO services in Melbourne. Choosing one without further research would be a big mistake as many such agencies use prohibited methods to achieve quick rankings that often result in long-term harm to your business.

This is why you should focus on checking their past results, customer reviews and transparency of methods and pricing to choose the right SEO agency in Melbourne.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.