5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint for Your Remodel

Remodeling your home involves serious decision making. One sloppy move could throw off the balance that you were hoping to achieve.


Painting walls is one common change in home renovation. Your choice of color could determine the outcome. Painting is more than grabbing a brush; if you don’t follow sound steps in the process, it could result in a disaster.


Here are some tips for painting the house during a home remodel, whether you’re doing it to sell the house or for your own enjoyment.


Consider the Carpets


Make sure that the color you choose does not clash with the carpets. If your carpet is not a neutral shade, then it is recommended that you go with neutral paints. That way it won’t be a problem choosing furniture and decor. Neutral colors are pleasing to the eye and melt into the background when accentuated with the correct furniture.


If you’re doing a full home remodel, consider painting before you change the carpet; then you can discard the old carpet without worrying about paint that might have splattered on it.


Use Steady Hands


It doesn’t matter if you chose the perfect color. The truth is, you need to be skilled with a paintbrush for it to look good. Not everybody knows how to use a brush or sponge, how much pressure to use and where to stroke the walls.


If you aren’t confident that you can make a new color look smooth and professional, it is best to hire someone experienced with painting houses.


Choose a Mood


When picking new colors for your house, ask yourself what mood you want to set for each room. Neutral shades give a sense of relaxation and make it easy to decorate. You don’t have to go neutral, but if you choose a bold color, make sure that you are prepared to match your furniture and decor to the shade.


Consider the mood you are trying to set. Blue is used in hospitals and schools because it gives a sense of peace, but teal can be too much. Red is not generally used to paint an entire room, but rather as an accent. Consult a color expert for advice on this.


Protect Your Furniture


A beautiful paint color might make your wall look pretty, but it will not have the same effect if splattered on your furniture. After you have chosen the right shade, move your furniture to a safe spot while you’re remodeling.


If you’re working on the entire house, put your furniture and valuables in storage before you get out the paint. This will prevent your furniture from becoming stained, and you won’t have to buy new couches or tables after you paint.


Don’t Do It Alone


Sometimes, you can’t see what would look best for your house. Ask someone you trust, like a friend or a good neighbor, to help you pick a color that suits your family. They can also assist you with the work itself, so that painting the house won’t take so long.


This will make the task more enjoyable, as you’ll have the chance to spend time with friends.




Whether you’re moving or simply want a change, paint makes a difference. It will affect how future visitors and potential buyers see the home. It is a rewarding job, but not one that should be taken lightly. Make sure you have the right colors and adequate tools before you begin.