5 Tips For Buying Led Festoon Lights Online

If you are confused about buying LED Festoon lights, we are here for you. This article provides the tip that you must keep in mind while buying LED Festoon lights online from stores like Fusion Lighting. LED Festoon lights have become a significant part of home decorations for any event. These are hanging globes or light bulbs between two structures. Party lights can give a charming and dazzling look to your place in seconds. These provide the perfect ambiance, whether it is just a casual party, a festival, or a barbeque. 

The most attractive benefit of festoon lighting is that if one bulb stops working, the rest will glow, making maintenance very easy. If one bulb stops working, you need to change that one and not the whole string. These lights are available in various colors, sizes, types, and shapes to compliment your style.

  1. IP Ratings

Like any other outdoor lights, Festoon Lights has an IP rating also. This rating level indicates the degree of protection of the lamp against liquids (such as water) and solids (such as dust). While you are buying festoon lights, ensure that they are IP65 verified. Lights that are IP65 rated are suitable for commercial and domestic use and are fully protected from water jets and dust. 

  1. Voltage

While purchasing party lights, it is important to look for their voltage. Depending on your needs, you can choose between low or standard voltage festoons. 

Standard voltage lights are easy to install and do not require any electrician service. These can be quickly installed and taken off. 

Low voltage is usually found in residential applications. They can survive severe weather conditions and thus are safe and durable. These are preferred for long-term decorations as their cost of running is quite low. 

  1. Plan and visualize

Before buying festoon lights, plan everything like what is the theme of the party. What type of lights are needed for the decoration? These lights come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Visualize your idea before buying the lights. Then choose whether the light would be single-colored or multicolored and what color temperature would go with the decoration. Take the measurements and then decide how many bulbs you require in the light. 

  1. Compare the costs

After deciding the size, color, and type of bulbs, you require to complement your décor, search different online sites. Compare the cost and quantity on different websites and then choose the most reasonable one. Check for discounts or sales, and then make your perfect purchase.

  1. Know The Company

There are many different companies out in the market selling festoon lights. But make sure that you buy lights from a legitimate website. Check its track record and reputation in the market. Look for the online certifications of the seller on the website. Go through its return policy, shipping charges, and customer support. Look for customer reviews if available. 


Festoon lights can brighten up any party. These are the best budget-friendly options to make your party attractive and warm. So if you prefer shopping festoon lights online, keep the tips mentioned above in your mind to make a perfect purchase.


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