5 Things You Should Know Before Upgrading Laptop Hardware

The technology evolution has touched everyone and that’s why the laptop is passing through a phase which is experienced by a personal computer a couple of decades ago. That’s right the number of laptop users have been increasing ever since its launch but a very small group of the user has been moving to the tabs and other smart devices. Still, a laptop is an important device which is equally important for work and fun as well and that’s why upgrading is needed every once in a while. If you are planning to upgrade your laptop, then you might want to clear a few things before searching for hardware and the following pointers can help you do that.

1.      The reason to upgrade

Necessity is the mother of invention fits perfectly in this situation, therefore you must find out the reason to upgrade your laptop. Because without knowing what needs an upgrade you might end up spending your budget on something very trivial. These days there are three main categories in which the user can be divided. First is the common domestic or commercial user, they need a very basic laptop with default configurations they can go on for decades. They don’t touch anything without a reason and by the time they have to reinstall the operating system, they’d simply don’t know how to do it because they did it years ago.

The other two categories consist of advance laptop users, one consists of highly skilled professionals and the other is the game lovers. Now, they both use a laptop to its max limits and that’s why if you get a chance to look at their laptops, you’ll see they are upgraded to the tiniest detail. The technology is growing faster and it is getting expensive as well, so for any new feature to work well you need an upgrade. That’s why they have to keep upgrading it so their needs can be fulfilled. Now that you know about the three categories, find out yours and more importantly find out why you need an upgrade.

2.      Can your laptop handle it?

This is again a very important matter that must be discussed before you set your goals for the upgrades. As it is mentioned before that the technology is growing at an enormous rate, you should find out whether your laptop can be upgraded or not. Because every laptop has a different combination and mix of hardware and it might not be possible to enhance it further. Of course, the basic stuff can be upgraded without a problem, such as bios, hard drive, ram, and operating system.

Still, if you want to fit the latest tech in an ancient laptop it might not work. The reason for that is quite simple, the laptop or a computer hardware is based on front side buses commonly known as FSB. It is the communication mean that a motherboard uses to communicate with another piece of hardware. Obviously, the latest hardware will not be able to respond well to the commands if fitted in an old laptop. Even if some genius makes it happen the efficiency of the laptop would be reduced considerably. That’s why it is extremely important to find out that whether or not your laptop is upgradeable.

3.      Technology changes faster than you can imagine

As you are well aware of the three kinds of laptop users, all these users must have their own set of needs to upgrade their laptops. However, there’s an important factor that all of these users must remember while upgrading laptops that the technology changes very fast. They might spend thousands of dollars today and tomorrow a new upgrade will step into the market. That’s why only the need-based upgrading should be done if you are on a tight budget. Because these days there’s no limit to the extent of upgrades you can install to your laptop but it will all lose its worth tomorrow as soon a higher level product enters the market.

Think of upgrades objectively, when do you think people buy most of the hardware stuff? In the offers of course. The offers launched by a tech store means that they want to stock out because they are expecting a new version of a product. As soon you buy it a couple of weeks later you discover that a newer version stepped in which matches your requirements better than the older one. So, don’t make hasty decisions, instead, take your time and evaluate well.

4.      Hardware basic knowledge is mandatory

There was a time when everyone became a computer hardware expert, but as soon laptop entered it all changed. Modifying or upgrading a personal computer was extremely easy because you just have to open a few screws and replace a piece of hardware, but the laptops are not like this. There are no super-wide cables or simple power cables. The laptop hardware is very special and it is made compact for a very good reason. If you wanted to replace a hard drive from a PC, you just had to disconnect and replace but every laptop is designed differently, and locating hardware keeping count of screws is quite difficult. So, upgrade your hardware knowledge before you upgrade your laptop.

5.      Prioritize your upgrades

It is quite common you’d see people running after the latest processors as soon a new product is launched, but a few truly understand that whether they need it or not. Having a good processor matters a lot but you’d often have seen various laptops that still work fine even with old hardware. Why do you think is? That’s because their owners have modified the right hardware rather than chasing unnecessary upgrades. A simple example of it can be that the RAM is the working area of the processor and upgrading it would magically give a boost to your laptop and you can buy it cheaper than a processor and that probably require you to change the motherboard as well.

Before you rush to upgrade a laptop you must draw a line between a PC and a laptop because upgrading a PC is extremely easy as compared to a laptop. A PC has a very specious cover with a number of extension possibilities. You can add multiple DVDs and floppy drives not to mention the core hardware like RAM, hard drive, bios, graphic card, and audio card, in short everything can be upgraded with the help of PCI slots. However, this is not the case with a laptop because it is a very compact device that offers great mobility with very limited upgradability.

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