5 Things You Should Do Immediately When a Garage Door Does Not Open

Suppose you are in emergencies to get into the garage, but it fails opening up, no matter how hard you try. In that case, instead of being stressed out, you should take some immediate actions to troubleshoot.

This article will lead you to a guideline you could use during such a troubling time.

Know the Remote’s Battery is Working Right: One of the leading causes your garage door is not opening, or closing is when the remote’s battery is dead or off to die soon. You should check the battery’s condition more often to say goodbye to such frequent issues. 

Some remote’s batteries also die without any particular warning. Therefore, you can first replace the battery when the door isn’t opening instead of taking other actions.

Make Sure the Door Isn’t Locked from the Inside: Sometimes, you may forget to lock the garage door from the inside, which is an attached part to your home interior. Therefore, make a quick check from the inside part of your house instead of pulling out the remote controller hard.

You can try opening the door manually by going inside your house first and entering into the garage. You will find the red emergency spot near the garage door front; pull that out to release the door opener. You can thus lift the garage door by using your hand manually.

If it works gently, you should know something is wrong with the garage door mechanism. Check out the circuit breaker, electrical systems, etc., with a professional’s help to immediately get rid of the issues.

Check the Circuit Breaker: When none of the above works right, consider checking the circuit breaker that powers the garage door opener. You should know that the breaker panel remains in the “on” position. If it does, flip it to the “off” position and then again to the “on” position, which will let the garage door reopen quickly. 

You should also know the door opener is plugged in. If the power cord is somewhat loose from the electrical outlet, it will refuse opening when you order to. 

Know the Garage Door Track is Dirt-Free: Sometimes, the garage door may fill with dirt, debris, and stubborn particles because of not cleaning them for a long time. They also fill the door track with such dirt and old lubricant. 

In that case, you have to clear the path from those obstructions. You can use a wooden block set against the track and a hammer to pull the dents or bumps out of the way. 

And consider keeping the track clear always to avoid unusual door stuck situations.

Call for a Professional’s Help: If any of the above troubleshoots don’t help, you should consider calling a professional instead. Check out nearby reliable garage mechanics to inspect the situation and resolve it in the best way it requires. 

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