5 things you must know before you hire a web developer in Toronto

Hiring a web developer in Toronto is a critical decision. The person should be an expert in his field, interactive and easily adjustable in your company’s atmosphere. After all, they are going to represent your company and become your future employees. He/she is going to interact with your clients virtually and offer quick services at each phase of the project. So many questions come in your mind and answer to those means choosing the right talent for your company.


So let’s dig into 5 things that you must know before hiring a web developer while interviewing him:

  1. Judge persona before knowledge: Well, if you are going to interview a person for web developer post, be sure to check persona before his capability in the field. General meeting discussion points:
  • Their last Job, why they left it and what is expectation from this job
  • How they confident in providing their services
  • Curiosity and Determination towards your company’s profile
  • Ask their feedback from a past company employee
  • How they manages the clients and deadlines.
  • Give a basic skill test to perform.

After going through this round, ensure that person is capable of adjusting to your Toronto web design firm and profile. Is he or she can be considered a good fit for this job? But be aware, a person sometimes fakes their conversation to show they are proficient, so decisions must be taken after rounds of interview, checking profile knowledge too. 

  • Knowledge and experience: There are so many web developing platforms like Magento, Wix, Shopify, WordPress, etc. Ask for their specification and knowledge in the field. Question starts with:
  • What is the knowledge in the field?
  • When the platform originated?
  • What developing strategy they follow?
  • How they coordinate with the Toronto website designer?
  • Policy to meet the target deadlines?

While examining experience, inquire how many websites they created earlier, Ask for live website and check the status of the website, ask basic questions regarding its components, coding, and Database.

  • Ability to learn new things:  In technology, everyday skills go outdated, so you have to learn new concepts to keep up your knowledge. The Technology field is widespread and needs an active candidate to be buzzing. So, it is good to hire a person who is willing to learn new concepts instead of going on the same obsolete skills that used to work a few years ago. 

Learning new skills is crucial so ask him:

  • What is the recent skill he learned?
  • How to learn new language concepts and from which website?
  • How they keep updating his skills?
  • Put Candidate in test project: If you want to test new candidate’s skills, put them in a new project that starts from scratch. Observe how they work and what working model is followed.You can notice how efficiently works is done in less time to meet deadlines. How they interact with your company’s other employees. Did they put best efforts to meet deadlines or leaving office in office timing without giving heed to deadlines? In the end, check how they putting creativity to run the project efficiently? How do they answer to the delays in the project?
  • Patience is needed to gain success in Hiring:  After going through this whole process, if you think the applicant is not a good fit for this profile, let him/her go as wasting time is a big deal. An Unproductive candidate can disturb your Toronto web design companyleaving bad decisions at the endStick to your rules and regulation, don’t be negligent as one person can construct or destruct your company’s image. So have the patience to choose the right person who deserves the job.

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