5 things you didn’t know about electricians

Why do you become an electrician?

Being an electrician can be one of the most interesting jobs. Instead of being stuck behind a desk or packed in an office, you are constantly awake and going to different places and homes, you also meet a diverse group of new people by working with electricians and other companies.

So being an electrician is a worthwhile profession, let alone the highest paid job in all trades. So if you want to read some interesting facts about electricians that you probably didn’t already know, here are some facts that we found.

1. Longer training than doctors

Electricians need to gain a lot of experience, there is no room for mistakes and everything should be very accurate. To become a professional electrician, the training time is at least 8 years in the classroom and work experience.

The reason for such a long time of training is that, like a doctor, they must be an electrician able to know and “diagnose” the problem with the right solution.

They often face dangerous situations due to the fact that people are not aware of the dangers of electricity or how to manage it, so the electrician should not only correct the problem, but it should also be done in line with building and safety laws.

2. Specialized in four fields


The career role of commercial electricians involves planning and drawing electrical systems, but it can also work according to the schemes presented.

Commercial electricians work with your traditional tools such as saws, pliers, screwdrivers and knives, and are usually housed in buildings so that they are not affected by weather conditions.


An industrial electrician installs and repairs wires, fixtures, and electrical appliances that are made in an industrial environment. Their jobs include changing wires, cleaning circuit boards, ensuring everything is grounded and fitting outlets.

People usually enter this field of work through apprenticeships.


This job role is clarified in the name, as many residential electrician jobs are based in residence. These jobs include installation of lighting structures, the examination of electrical components and identification of electrical problems, such as electrical contractors in Bedford.

Outside Lineman

This job is based outside, so much work may be affected by severe weather conditions. The main tasks are installing or repairing electrical cables and wires used in electric power or distribution centers, or working with huge transmission towers.

Being an outside factor requires rigidity, gravel, and adventure with electric towers, no matter the weather, to get the job done. You will also receive work training to deal with heavy machinery parts such as cranes and airlifts.

3. The electricians must be in good condition

Rarely is there an opportunity to perform any electrical work. Climbing to the attic and rooftops or going underground and crawling into tight spaces can be stressful and require a lot of body strength to do this.

Bending and squeezing in small spaces can be uncomfortable and not a career for someone who does not want to be dedicated and keeps his body at its best.

4. Good thinking skills

There is an impressive amount of information that needs to be captured and trained for only four years as a trainer before they can even take any test to become a Journeyman Electrician.

Mathematics must be a skill, as well as the ability to read and understand charts, not only this but electricians have impeccable memories and need to be able to memorize federal and local symbols and execute their actions while complying with these regulations. Regulation is crucial and thought-provoking to solve a problem as soon as it occurs, as there is no alternative way when it comes to electricity and all fully qualified electricians know how to control it and its risks.

5. Electricity became green

As years progressed into eco-friendly products that were put on the market, we are constantly thinking of new ways to help the environment.

Solar panels provide environmentally friendly energy, electric cars, and energy-saving lamps, which are installed and maintained by electricians and they always have to keep abreast of all new technologies.


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