5 Things You Can Do When You Travel to Indonesia

If you plan to visit historical Indonesia, keep in mind that you can do more than you initially planned. That is why you should do comprehensive research to prepare for and enjoy your time in Indonesia adequately.

Apart from staying, you can relax, practice romance, celebrate life and view breathtaking places.

This article prepares you psychologically for a great visit to Indonesian islands, enjoy your time, and build memories without limiting yourself.

Will traveling to Indonesia be a memorable event or a typical local trip? Read this article and be the judge.

1.   Stay

Indonesia is a land of islands, the best beaches, and accommodation. A typical example is the luxury hotel Jakarta. Here, you can choose to live a lifestyle you admire.

For example, you can make the place your home. Then, you can work in any part of the world remotely from a luxurious room. The luxury accommodation lets you enjoy a peaceful and work-friendly environment.

You will admire the excellent housekeeping, ensuring your health standards and comfort are maintained at friendly prices.

As a resident in one of the fancy hotels and resorts, you have a golden chance to play golf with other international travelers.

Do you love exercise well decorated with fun? Then, you will love the ladies’ fitness facilities in the hotels. Here, you can participate in aerobics or join boxing classes.

2.   Relax

Most international travelers prioritize Indonesia as their hotspot holiday destination. Like them, you can tame the weariness of your body after a challenging year’s work.


Breathe life into your muscles by swimming in Jakarta’s world-class pools and beaches, such as the Pink Beach. You can sunbathe on the beaches at noon.

3.   Spread the Love

Nothing grows relationships like spending time in a good-looking new environment. Typical activities to undertake are honeymoons and dates.

You can build the bond between you and your romantic partner by having a taste of the Jakarta wine from the admired two-house wine glasses.

Apart from superb accommodation, you get a chance to enjoy a romantic time in the party boats around Waecicu Beach.

You can as well utilize the numerous rooms built for special occasions such as weddings. The hotels ensure you choose your guest sized room because several rooms designed for meetings are available.

4.   Celebrate and Win

Apart from conducting romantic missions, most Indonesian hotels, resorts, and hostels let you celebrate family milestones such as birthdays. You can also celebrate a family member on achieving career targets.

Besides, Indonesia lets you mark various religious events such as Ramadan, Easter holidays, and Christmas celebrations. This is because most renowned Indonesian places like Jakarta, Labuan Bajo have various internationals and cultures.

You can stress-freely find the religious celebrations of your choice and join the party without fear of local restrictions and lack of adequate arrangements.

The more exciting part is that you win gifts for celebrating special moments in hotels such as those in Jakarta.

5.   Unlock the Warrior in You

Lastly, the uniqueness of Indonesia lies in its natural endowment. Examples of breathtaking places you can visit to build your bravery are the Komodo National Park.

Here, you will meet the scary Komodo Dragons. Watch them chase their prey, with saliva and blood oozing from their mouths.

Another scary place to visit is Kalong island. You can watch the numerous bats hide under tree branches at noon. They fill the atmosphere in the evening as they race after their food.

Additionally, you will have a chance to trek Padar Island. The island lets you have the best view of the Komodo panoramic view. You can easily access the place from Labuan Bajo.


Indonesian islands, resorts, and hotels make it possible to live your dream life in Indonesia. You can stay in the hotels, eat Indonesian delicacies, relax, celebrate events and visit dream places.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team