5 Things To Know Before Moving To An Apartment

If you’re moving from a house to an apartment for the first time that you are in for a surprise! Because apartments are not like one or two-story houses built on land. It is a boxed space with windows and vents in a big building. And this comes with many perks and disadvantages which we will be discussing in this article

Everything has its pros and cons. If you are not very motivated by your move and are still feeling skeptical about a lot of things, then this article can help you with your problems.

A Great View Of The Neighborhood

The first and our most favorite part about moving to an apartment is the view from its windows. You should know that you will be overlooking the view of your neighborhood which can be quite a sight sometimes. But it also comes with the problem of people who have a clear view of your window from the street. Since you will be at a height, people in other streets and at a good distance will be able to spot you in the window. Be careful with stalkers!

Storage Is a Problem

An apartment is a compact space mostly unless it is a luxury apartment in Karachi smart city. It mostly comes with a single storeroom to store your extra stuff in. If you are a natural hoarder and find it difficult to throw away stuff, then living in an apartment can be problematic for you because you can run out of storage space very quickly. 

But every problem has a solution and your solution is Space Next Door Storage. This is a service that aligns you with people near your residence who are offering extra space in their homes for storage. You can keep your belongings in their home in the given storage space and can also have 24 hours’ access to it. All you have to do in return is pay the rent for space. It’s like your mini space outside the apartment and it’s safe! Problem Solved!

Noise Pollution is Unavoidable

Living in a building packed with people isn’t as easy as it sounds. You are literally sharing the walls of your roof and floor with other people let alone the walls of your kitchen and bedroom. If your neighbors are noisy, you may have to share their noise because there is no other option. You may also want to avoid exercises and activities that require jumping or loud thuds on the ground as it may disturb your neighbors living on the lower floor.

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Better Security Conditions 

Most people turn towards the option of living in an apartment because it is secure. The building is locked and in case of an intrusion, you can always make enough noise to wake your neighbors. According to a survey, thieves have always found it difficult to rob apartments.

New Friendships

You may also find that some of your neighbors since you’ll have many, will turn out to be extra friendly and sweet. That friend you’ve always wanted to have a movie night with at home might be living right next to your apartment.


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